How different pastes look with Lindy’s Sprays and Powders

Hi Lindy’s fans, it’s Tracy on the Lindy’s blog today and I wanted to share my recent experiment with you all.

I wanted to know how different pastes look and work with Lindy’s Sprays and Powders, so I did a little paste swatching with the pastes I have in my stash, I hope you find it helpful.

Here are my findings:

The top row is paste alone on top of acrylic paint so you can see the transparency/opacity of the pastes without and color (Shabby Turbine Teal)  being applied.

The middle row was colored with Sprays and a paintbrush while the bottom row was colored using Lindy’s Magicals.

Some thoughts:

  • Golden Molding Paste: lightweight and creates thin smooth layers with little to no bleed, somewhat transparent when dry. The second least absorbent after ReDesign Chalk Paste. You can wipe some of the pigment off the top to show more of the paste if desired. Medium dry time with a Smooth matte/satin finish.
  • Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste: Medium Weight and firmness with some bleed if not careful. This paste is mostly absorbent if soaked but careful application can show pattern and paste. Fast Drying with a slightly textured surface, matte finish.
  • Liquitex Modeling Paste: Heavy Weight, firmest paste with no bleed (this is the dryest of all pastes and the one I use if I want to color with liquid sprays or create a perfect pattern) and highest texture with a slightly sanded surface. The most absorbent and color will seep into the paste to color. Matte finish and super-fast drying. (This paste dries out in the container the quickest, recommend using plastic wrap to reduce air and drying).
  • ReDesign Chalk Paste: This is the dark horse of pastes and a lesser-known one. The pastes come in several colors but do color well. This is a lightweight paste and creates crisp reveals but bleeding can occur with too many passes. It is the most opaque when dried and resistant to pigment. This has a medium dry time and the longest lasting in the containers. The smooth matte satin finish that will highlight your pattern lets the pigments pool around the pattern.
  • Ranger Texture Paste Opaque Crackle: Lightest Weight Paste, Slowest natural drying time to reveal crackles. Bleeding can occur with multiple passes. A very absorbent paste that highlights pigments differently depending on how it is applied but with great effects. Dries with a shiny finish. I need to experiment with adding pigment to the wet paste itself, thinking Magicals would be best not sprays due to the moisture content and chemical makeup that affects the crackling.

Hope this was helpful, I’ve ordered the Schminke, and I’m excited to compare….

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