Mixed Media Heart by Marietta Tégi

Hello Lindy’s Lovers!

Today I’m taking you all on a sea adventure. I love the sea, snorkeling and diving. I can’t wait to go again.  As it’s probably not on the horizon for another month or two, I’m traveling while I create.

I chose Woodouts MDF basis for my project today. I first greased it with white gesso, then glued 2 layers of 300g paper on top, and did file some around the edges. I applied Finnabair tissue paper on top and fixed it with soft matte gel. I also used a thin layer of white gesso. Then the crackle paste was the next step which could not be missed.

I sprayed on T-bird Turquoise, Merci Beaucoup Mint and Tainted Love Teal for the darker shade and added a little bit of Scintillating Silver Glitzy Magical for the extra sparkle.

I used Prima Marketing moulds on the anchors, to give them a textured surface, I applied 1 layer of white gesso, then scatter some art stones, followed by another coat of gesso. Then for a bit of a silvery-rusty effect I used Starburst Screamin’ Banshee Black, Flat Fabio I’m Late I’m Late Slate, Bratwurst Brown magic shaker and Moon Shadow Treasure Island Aqua.

I chose Fantasy’s Mesh Chipboard as a complement, on which I sprinkled Slam Dunk Silver embossing powder.

I designed some larger shells for the centre of the composition. I applied white gesso to these with a dry brush and then colored the inside with Maple Syrup Bronze Starburst Squirts. I added a few indispensable metal leaves.

I placed a Seahorse in the middle of the three shells and sprayed Treasure Island Aqua, Poutine Gold, Time Travel Teal, and Sidewalk Chalk on top. I then added Angel Wings Gold embossing powder to add even more sparkle.

After putting it together, I used two sizes of Art Stones. On top of that, I used Toadstool Taupe and I’m Late I’m Late Slate.

All that was left were the grainy embellishments. I added Hardware Glass Pearls in the middle of the shells, gold microbeads and turquoise glitter dust. I added word labels and did some stamping.

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