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Hi Lindy’s lovers,

It’s Natalie here and today I’m taking you on a little journey around the color wheel. I hope you’re as much a fan of color theory as I am because we’re going to explore some fun complementary color combinations. The possibilities with Lindy’s colors are endless and I just picked three different combos of two shimmer sprays each to show you.

Complementary colors are located on the opposite sides of the color wheel. If you haven’t one at hand, you can of course look for the image of one online.


The first combo I tried is Witch’s Potion Purple & Bling-y Blonde.
I tried not to let the colors mix too much, but with this color combo it was not that easy, probably because the bling-y blonde is too translucent. So in some places it looks quite foggy and brownish, but don’t you agree that this adds a very mysterious touch?


The second one is  Hi Maintenance Magenta & Drop Dead Gorgeous Green.
Here the colors did not mix too much although I added several layers of both. The trick is to dry each color before moving on to the next. I like the spring vibe in this combination, almost like a flower meadow.


My last combo is Tibetan Poppy Teal & Hag’s Wart Orange.
It’s probably my favorite of these three, because of the colors and because of the depth I got by adding multiple layers.


Of course I had to turn these paper strips I made into a finished project. So I cut two ATCs of each, added a little background stamping and some found words to each and mounted them on some black cardstock.

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Let me know in the comments which complementary color combination you like the most!


One thought on “Around the color wheel – Complementary colors”

  1. Natalie…I love these! (Teal and Orange are my favorites.

    Two questions: what paper did you use, and how did you get the…designs? Just by spraying? Or pouring? Or using a dropper?

    Inquiring minds would love to know. Thanks!


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