Creating your own unique colored paper with Lindy’s products

Hi Lindy’s fans! Anastasia is here and today I’d like to show you how you can create your own unique colored paper using Lindy’s Gang sprays and Magicals. You can use such paper for your albums, art journals, junk books etc.

I have prepared a video tutorial in which I also show how I made albums from these colored pages and how I decorated album spreads.

Basic steps:

  1. Take watercolor paper
  2. Apply White Gesso or White Acrylic Paint on some places with a paintbrush or paint roller
  3. You can add some lines/drawings with a waterbased marker
  4. Choose Lindy’s sprays. I used amazing Van Dyke Sepia and Bucket o’Blood Red
  5. Dry well
  6. You can add some water and grounded coffee if you want to get stains and make your paper more vintage
  7. Choose Lindy’s Magicals – one, two, or as many as you want. I used Canna Lily Burnt Orange(from Victorian Bouquet Shimmer Magicals set). Mix the powder with water and use it to color the stamps that you like.
  8. Dry it well and use ink to create edging of your patterns in some places

I used one of the cards I made for Lindy’s April Color Challenge to decorate the album cover and complemented it with other elements. I also used Sweet Violet Purple Teal and Hag’s Wart Orange sprays creating mushrooms and coloring elements on the album cover.

You can watch this being created on YouTube

Thank you for your attention!


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