Mixed Media Wood Bracelets with Lindy’s Magicals


For my project today I used 3 wood bead bracelets, they won’t really serve any special function, as I’d like to be more modest in this area. I’ve also worked a lot with the textures. First, I wrapped string around it, which I fixed with 3D matte gel, then I applied Graphite texture paste and 3D matte gel to spread the grains a bit. Then I greased it with white gesso. I put a canvas on the inside so that if someone did put it on, it would be more comfortable to wear.

Then I used white crackle paste, mixed Prima Donna Purple in the first, Sassy Sapphire in the second and Drop Dead Gorgeous Green magical powder in the third.

For the green bracelet, I used Bling-y Blonde and Drop Dead Gorgeous Green mists and chose metal flowers and leaves, sprinkling Tannenbaum Green Gold embossing powder on the leaves. Finally, I applied tiny glue with a brush, and pressed gold metal flakes onto these parts. I removed the excess with a very soft dry brush. The last step was to add the leaves and flowers.

For the purple bracelet, I sprayed Prima Donna Purple and Hi Maintenance Magenta Starburst mixes, followed by Polite People Purple Squirts. I also added metal leaves, flowers, and tiny keys.

I designed the blue bracelet in a steampunk style a little.  I used Starburst Sassy Sapphire Mists and Loonie Toonie Teal Squirts, plus Frozen Jack Frost and Silent Night Silver Mists. The metal wings were first covered with Gimme Five Gold embossing powder, then Boogie Down Black. I also sprayed it on the chains. I chose Cool Man Copper embossing powder for the gear chipboards. Finally, I added a Tim Holz word sticker.

I added microbeads and mica dust to each bracelet. I also added vintage gold wax to the leaves.
As one of the final steps I did some stamping.

I’m hoping I inspire you to come up with some exciting projects.

You can find the tutorial here: https://youtu.be/-_WwUEcYF3k


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