Mixed Media Cover for Halloween Book

Hello Gang! Anastasia is here with a Halloween-themed project. This year I decided to alter an old book and in this post I will show you how I made a book cover using Lindy’s sprays and ep’s. To find out what I made inside, visit my YouTube channel.

Basic steps:

  1. Create texture on the book cover. I used a piece of paper with die-cut pattern
  2. Cover all the surface of the book with black gesso
  3. Apply Screamin’ Banshee Black Shimmer Spray and a bit of Gossamer Gold Vintage Spray and Gnome Berry Bordeaux Shimmer Spray
  4. Add patina on some places(I used Green Patina wax)
  5. Dry it well and create a composition
  6. Cover elements with white or black gesso(it depends of what you want to get – dark or light elements)
  7. Apply sprays on elements. I used Smoky Sapphire Vintage Spray for skull and bone; Screamin’ Banshee Black Shimmer Spray for frame and moons and Gnome Berry Bordeaux Shimmer Spray for plant
  8. To make surface of elements more lighter use white gesso and dry brush technique. I also added white gesso in some places next to the elements and between them, imitating something like moonlight or fog
  9. Use embossing powder to add color accents or to highlight some places. I used Chrome Doesn’t Pay Embossing Powder

Watch more details in the video tutorial I’ve prepared for you. I hope you like it!


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