Mixed Media Halloween Pumpkins by Marietta Tégi

Hello Everyone!

Since we’re close to Halloween, I brought you some Halloween-related inspiration in the form of pumpkins and my usual steampunk style.

I applied 3 layer of white gesso to the pumpkins because it was relatively hard to hold in, with styrene on the inside, but a thin plastic-like layer covering the outside. I used a sponge to apply black gesso to the grooves Then I applied white cracking paste to the bumps. Where I had designed the batteries, I pre-cut the spots with an artist’s knife. I glued on all the elements except the art melange ones, only then did I start painting.

On one I put Iceberg Azure, Sidewalk Chalk and the new Magical Sifter ones, Sea Turtle Teal and Manta Ray Gray. I used Boogie Down Black embossing powder to accentuate the grooves.

I greased Old Silver wax on the metal element, then splattered it with Blazing Black, and also applied minimal Sidewalk Chalk drops.

On the other I sprayed Grab a Guy Gold, Gossamer Gold, Open Arms Amethyst, and Parrotfish Purple Magical Sifter. I highlighted the metal elements with White Gold wax. I splashed on Opal Sea Oats and Sidewalk Chalk.

I used Boogie Down Black embossing powder on the Dusty Attic gear chipboards.

Finally, I added bones and granular decorative elements in the form of mica powder, micro beads and hologram mica powder.

You can find the tutorial here:

Marietta xoxo



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