Galaxy Canvas with Lindy’s products by Marietta Tégi

Hello Lindy’s fans!

Today’s work is fairly different from my works that I’ve made so far. As it has a textured surface but is not layered. I even gave it a title: ‘Jupiter in love blows a smoke ring in Io’s face’.

I worked on a 25×30 cm stretched canvas. First, I spread white gesso on it, then I drew a circle about 12 cm in diameter in the middle. I stenciled this area with light paste, then sprinkled Silence is Golden embossing powder on it. I cut a circle out of paper the same size as the one I drew on the canvas. I layered the “holey” part of the A/4 paper onto the canvas so that the rest of it doesn’t become yellowish gold, just the moon. For the yellowish-orange and gold shades of the moon, I used the products below: Grab a Guy Gold, Blazing Black, Sidewalk Chalk and Gleaming Gold.

To the other part of the canvas, I put Paper texture paste, Plaster paste, Graphite paste, and White crackle paste.
I covered the moon, so I could paint the area around it to look like a darker galaxy so that the moon’s color would remain. I achieved this with these mists and magical powders: Galactic Teal, Outer Space Aqua, Martian Magenta magical, Blazing Black, UFO Yellow, Black Hole Black magical, Iceberg Azure, Milky Way White magical, Scintillating Silver magical and Grab a Guy Gold.

For the smoke ring, I chose Finnabair Impasto Linen matte acrylic paint, mixed with Gleaming Gold Glitzy Magical, and added Sandra Dee Sepia magical powder to one half of the ring.

I’m curious to hear what you think, let me know.

You can find the Tutorial here:


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