Making swatches of the Lindy’s new colors

Hello Lindy’s Lovers,

Too many Lindy’s sprays and magicals? There’s no such thing, but a little organisation might be helpful to keep track of all the great colors. So today I’m sharing my way of making swatches and storing these gorgeous products.

My teamie Nuneka recently came up with her new set called “Steampunk Soiree”. Once I received it (and finished freaking out about these cool colors), I filled the spray bottles with water and took everything to my craft room.

For my swatches I first prepare my bottles:
On top of the lid I adhere a piece of sticky paper and write a letter on it with a waterproof pen – S for shimmering sprays, F for Flat Fabios, M for Moonshine Mists and G for the Glitzy ones.
I also add two little stainless steel balls to all of the sprays. This of course is optional, but it makes shaking up the colors really easy. Make sure to use only stainless steel as other materials might rust and affect the colors.

Next I cut some tags and spray them. To color the lid I just dip it into the wet tag. I also add a few splatters of water to my swatches while drying them. Then I stamp the same letter on the tag as I have on the lid and write the color name on the backside.

For magicals I also do swatches like this, but with a few little differences.
The size of the tags is a little bigger than for the the sprays. On the one hand, it makes it easier to differentiate the two swatch sets immediately. On the other hand it’s easier to realize the second difference: I make sure to have one area on the tag where I just sprayed a little water over the magicals and one area where I blend them out with more water and a brush. It can really make a difference in how the product appears.

I store bother sets of swatches on large bookbinding rings, sorted in rainbow order.
And the colors themselves? I keep all my Lindy’s products in drawers – it’s such a joy everytime I open one of them! Therefore it’s good to have the colored lid on the sprays. Both, sprays and magicals I have addionally grouped by colors in smaller boxes inside the drawers as well.

How do you organize your Lindy’s sprays and magicals? Was my idea an inspiration? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love your swatching method of keeping track of all your Lindy’s! I plan to do the same. 🙂

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