The Lindy’s Stamp Gang Story: How Lindy’s got started

We are often asked how Lindy’s got started and where did our name come from?  Well, we thought we’d share a little clip to answer those questions for you!

The Lindy’s Stamp Gang Story

Hi there. I’m Tracy Brown, the owner of Lindy Stamp Gang, and I wanted to give you a little story today about how Lindy’s started (if you didn’t know already).

So Lindy is my Mom, and she was always super creative. She loved doing arts and crafts, and one of her favorite things was to draw cartoons, funny cartoons, like she would do funny animals and she just loved it.

She always had a funny sense of humor, and when my parents retired in 1994, she got a lot more involved in the arts and crafts community in their area and had a gal that had convinced her, maybe you should turn those really cool animals into rubber stamps. So she thought, why not? I’m going to try it.

So she came up with her name, obviously Lindy’s, and then stamp for rubber stamps and then my Dad’s name is Wolfgang. So whenever we would send home cards or letters or whatever, Mom would always sign it from Wolf’s Gang. So that’s where the gang comes from in Lindy Stamp Gang. So in 1996, she started her business, had rubber stamps galore, and started going to trade shows, retail trade shows all over the country. She and dad and very quickly after she realized that if you had rubber stamps, you gotta have some color. So she came up with her sprays and embossing powders first, right around the late nineties, 98, 99 ish time and continued to sell. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time and so I would fill jars and help her out with the product part of it that would give me a little extra money so that I could still stay home, which was pretty awesome.

And she traveled all over, and my aunt ended up traveling with her for a long time and they would giggle and have a great time and people loved to see them demo. And I still get emails every once in a while from people who saw Mom at the shows and said, oh, she was just so fun to see Demo.  Anyway, sadly, in 2008 my mom got sick and passed away and I had to make the decision to either take over or let the business go and I couldn’t let it go. So I had to kind of change the way we did things, only because my kids were only eight and ten at the time and I didn’t feel like I could be away from them for the trade shows.

So I really pushed everything online and I found some amazing designers to help make things and use the products and love them. And we just kind of went from there and got it everywhere. And I have been so fortunate to continue with that same mode of having an amazing design team. Gosh, I’ve got some good, talented, talented people (you probably know) and we’ve been able to continue and it just kind of makes me feel like Mom’s with me.

So hopefully you feel that you’ve got a little bit of Mom’s sparkle and laughter when you use our products that we make here in-house. So if the stickers are a little wonky, that’s just us trying to be a machine, but we really pride ourselves in great products, great quality and really good customer service. So I hope you enjoy your Lindy’s.

Tracey Brown

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