Steampunk With Lindy’s Gang Sprays And Embossing Powders

Hello everyone, Anastasia is here! This time I’m going to show you how to create decorative steampunk watches using Lindy’s Gang sprays and embossing powders. I suggest you use these color combinations when you create some work in steampunk style or if you want to add elements of this style to your projects.

To give the surfaces a metallic color I used Black Silver Orchid, Toadstool Taupe and Cattail Copper Brown sprays. In some places I added mix of Cool Man Copper and Chrome Doesn’t Pay embossing powders, and also used them separately.

A few hints:

  • to get a more beautiful color on the surface add two brown sprays with different shimmer
  • if you want to get a slightly scuffed surface use a grey/black spray with a brown spray
  • sprinkle elements with a complex surface with water to use embossing powders

For more details watch video tutorial I prepared for you.

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