Dreamy tags with Magicals and embossing powders

Hello Lindy’s Lovers,

it’s Natalie here and I have created two tags that I want to share a step by step tutorial for with you. Get your Lindy’s Magicals and Embossing Powders ready and play along!


Embossing for a resist effect

My tags are made from watercolor paper and have a size of 3 x 10 inches as well as rounded corners. I embossed two different stencil designs with Café au Lait embossing powder. Therefore I just applied some Versamark ink with a sponge, added the powder and heatset everything. Of course you could create the same effect with a stamp instead of a stencil.
There was some loose glitter on my tags after heatsetting it. It’s super easy to get rid of this by simply rubbing the paper with a dustcloth!

First layer of Magicals

I sprayed the tags with water and added Magicals with a wet brush. The set I used here is Mountain Meadows, a flat set without shimmer.

There are four colors on each tag, so on one I didn’t use Foxglove Fuchsia and on the other I skipped Mountain Meadow Green. I tried to avoid mixing the colors to a muddy brown.

Second layer to darken it

The colors were a little too light for me, so I added another layer with less water this time. I like dabbing away some color with a paper towel during the process. It’s kind of a back and forth and helps to create softer edges.

Water drops for a cool effect

Next, I added some layers of water drops with a fan brush. Try to play with this: dry them with a heat tool or dab away some of the water with a paper towel – it gives you different kinds of depth.

Color drops for even more dimension

I also mixed some of the Magicals with water and splattered them on the tags. Isn’t it just awesome how easily it is to create layers with splattered color?

Embossing on a feather

At this point, I was very happy with my background and started working on some focal elements: a dreamcatcher for each of the tags. I used a MDF mandala and cut in in half and tied a bunch of feathers to it. I also added a quote, a black cardstock backdrop and some ribbons to each.
What I want to highlight here is the embossing on the white feathers. I simply tapped the feathers to my Versamark ink pad and added the Sparkling Sunset glittery embossing powder. Heatsetting on the feather worked without any problems. I didn’t get an extensive effect here, but that might be as my ink pad isn’t super juicy anymore.

Here are a few photos of the finished project:

I hope you liked this tutorial!

See you soon,

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