Small deco star with sprays and embossing powder

Hello Lindy’s Lovers!

It’s Natalie and I am back here with a little star shaped decoration element. In this post I am showing you how I created it.

Step 1: Image transfer

I coated a piece of watercolor paper with a few thin layers of gesso. Then I cut a laser print of the woman I wanted to transfer and added a little gel medium to both the paper and the printed image. I pressed the image onto the paper and dried it very well (this is super important!). After that, I sprayed the back of the printed image with water and gently rubbed of the paper. You may need to repeat this step a few times until the dried image gets clear. Just be patient and gentle and don’t rub to hard.

Accidentally, I had a little bit of another piece of paper transferred to the background as I used a printed sheet to press my papers to each other. It looked not to bad and added a little extra visual texture, so I just worked with it.

If you now ask yourself why to do an image transfer instead of ust glueing down your image: Besides the fact that you can do it on variuóus surfaces like wood, paper and more, it does create a completely different texture and some very cool little imperfections!

Step 2: Cutting the paper

This step doesn’t need much explanation. I just cut my transfered image to the same star shape as my MDF base.


Step 3: Background stencilling

Through a stencil I added some of Finnabair’s paper texture paste. Once dry, this paste can be colored easily with any water based spray or medium. It works well with Lindy’s Gang products!


Step 4: Adding Lindy’s Gang sprays

I added a few layers of Starburst and Flat Fabio sprays to color the background:
Apothecary Azure
Pop Rock Purple
T-Bird Turquoise
Bombshell Black

By the way, did you know that this months all sprays in the shop are 20% off?!


Step 5: Embossing the frame

I added a mix of different embossing powders to the frame. With sticky embossing ink I simply inked it quite well and added my three colors one after the other, but without heating it in between. This way the colors blended very well.

These are the tree powders I used:
Desert Moon Turquoise
Pop Rock Purple
– Spanish Moss Green (only available in the retiring set “Drink me silly“)


Step 6: Finishing touches

The rest was just putting base and frame together and adding some ephemera and paper and foil elements on top. Here you can see the finished project as well as some more details:


Hope you got inspired by my tutorial!


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