Summer canvas

Hello dear Lindy’s friends!
It’s Dorota Kotowicz here with my summer color and energetic project that was created for magical holidays in a beautiful place.
You can make this canvas together with me by looking at Youtube channel where a mini workshop is waiting for you.

The process of creating the canvas:
1. I primed my canvas with gesso
2. I glued the fabric-covered hoop to the canvas base
3. I applied structural paste
4. In some places I applied white cracking paste
5. You must remember that the entire canvas inside the hoop is painted with gesso and then in some places you can apply structural paste and cracking paste
6. Make paper compositions using thicker cardboard to build 3d compositions
8. Glue pieces of 1 mm cardboard imitating the pavement and then paint the whole thing with gesso
9. Dry the whole project
10. Now you can paint the whole thing with Lindys mists
11. When everything is dry, you can decorate your project with flowers, small pebbles, glitter and whatever your imagination tells you

I used these mists:
Tainted Love Teal
Frosty Forest Green
Canna Lily Burnt Orange
Outer Space Aqua

One thought on “Summer canvas”

  1. Where did you get the luggage, car, scooter and buildings, they are all cute Thank you for your inspiration.

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