Black Moon Dragon Mixed Media Canvas With Anastasia

Hello everyone, It’s Anastasia here with new project and video tutorial. This time I created a canvas about two friends – a Black Moon Dragon who lives in a Heavenly Pond among dawn lotuses and longevity mushrooms, and a Winged Rabbit who guards him)). I hope that the creation of this story will be interesting for you!

Basic steps:

I. Creating magical background

  1. Creating a background pattern at the bottom of the canvas. I used a stencil and 3D Gloss Gel
  2. The upper part is painted using sprays Black Orchid Silver and Dragon Denim Shimmer Sprays
  3. For the lower part of the canvas, I took Toadstool Taupe and Opal Sea Oats Shimmer Sprays
  4. On the dark top part, I used a stamp with stars and embossed it with Toadstool Taupe ep from Enchanted Forest Glittery Ep Set

II. Coloring elements

  1. For the lotuses and leaves, I’ve used Blushing Polar Bear, Cocklebells Coral, Sweet Violet Purple Teal Shimmer Sprays
  2. For mushrooms – Dragon Denim and Blushing Polar Bear
  3. For “dragon” parts – Black Orchid Silver, Dragon Denim, Opal Sea Oats Sprays and waxes

For more information, please watch the video on Lindy’s Gang’s YouTube channel.

Thanks for stopping by,

xoxo Anastasia

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