The Art of Experimentation: Using Lindy’s Magicals as Watercolors with Priss BlaFu

Hello artisan friends!

Hi there, my name is Priss BlaFu (@artful.layers), and I can’t wait to show you an amazing mixed media project using Lindy’s magical products as watercolors. Together, we will create a simple yet fun Art Journal page that captures the essence of summer, complete with playful spots and geometric shapes. Let’s get started!

Before we begin, I want to share my inspiration for this project. As soon as they came out I fell in love with the Magicals Set – ‘Summer Break’. This color palette is vibrant and fun, perfect for summer projects.

The colors that I used for my page are just lovely. So let me show you some photos while I tell you a little bit about the process and then at the end of this post you’ll discover a video guide that shows you the process I used to create this fun page.

Tip 1: To start this creative journey, you need to select the perfect surface for your artwork. I chose an A6 size notebook designed specifically for watercolors. My paper is heat pressed and in terms of weight, I would suggest using watercolor paper that is 140lb grammage (approximately 300gsm) or higher.

Tip 2: As a mixed media artist, I love incorporating texture into my creations and even though we are painting like watercolors and looking for a flatter style, we can still add some texture to our page. You can use the wonderful Lindy’s Embossing Powders before or after you play with the pigments, but you can also use some wax crayon to create resistance to the pigments and leave some white areas. Let’s go and experiment!

Tip 3: Use a watercolor palette where you can easily mix the pigments and water. Remember that depending on the amount of water and pigment you use, you will get more or less intense colors. I recommend using an eyedropper or pipet to add the water a little at a time to avoid the color going out of the container. We don’t want unwanted colors to arise spontaneously.
Before starting your project, take some time to create and test different mixtures on a piece of paper that you’ll be working with. This will help you identify your favorite mixtures and determine the desired level of intensity for each one.

Tip 4: Now comes the fun part! When you are painting the spots and geometric shapes, let your imagination run wild. Mix and match colors, layering one shape over another to achieve your desired watercolor effects.

Lindy’s products are pure magic and will add depth, vibrancy, and shine to this playful background. Play with shapes and sizes, create contrasts, and splash a little with your colors. Those little splashes will concentrate all the shine of Lindy’s mica and will really enhance the whole project.

Tip 5: It’s time to take this summer page to the next level. For this, you can incorporate stamped images, stickers, or any other decoration that speaks to you. If you use stamps, take advantage of all your mixtures to bring them to life as if you were painting with watercolors. Your stamps will stand out like never before!

If you are one of those who think it is difficult, take my advice. To facilitate the process I recommend stamping with embossing ink and then applying black embossing powder. In this way, the colors remain in their area and it will be much easier for you to apply them. Let your intuition guide you and create a masterpiece that reflects your unique artistic style.

Tip 6: Add a unique touch to your Art Journal Page by creating your own personal style. My method is to use acrylic markers to add points of light to all elements. I enjoy using white posca to fill in the leaves and creating dots of varying sizes in different parts of the characters. Typically, I create dotted areas in both white and black.

Lastly, I like to incorporate white acrylic splashes throughout my projects. Depending on the piece, they can be subtle or bold with paint drips resembling threads.

Now is the time to enjoy the Video of my process. With the tips in mind, try to identify each one in the video so that you can better internalize them.

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to unleash your creativity with Lindy’s magical products. Remember, in mixed media art, there are no rules, so have fun and enjoy the magical journey of your creativity!

Thank you for joining me on this creative adventure.

Until next time, happy creating time!

Hugs, Priss

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