Summer Vibe

Hello 🙂

This month I decided to do some holiday related project.

I really like the green color which reminds me of summer, sun, beautiful nature and holidays.

I made this project on a small embroidery hoop.

First, I stretched the canvas, which I painted with gesso.

Then I applied a structural paste and after drying I made a background using a mask and volume paste.

I painted the whole project with mists in different shades of green and yellow.

When the circle was dry, I made a composition of branches, paper, strings and flowers.

Here are the colors of the mists that I used to paint the background:
Starburst Sprays: Drop Dead Gorgeous Green
Starburst Sprays: Alien Goo Green
Starburst Sprays: Ponderosa Dead Gorgeous Green
Starburst Sprays: Ufo Yellow




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