Flying Lighthouse Card Tutorial with Lindy’s Products

Hello everyone!

It’s Rita here and today I would like to show you my Flying Lighthouse Card Tutorial colored with Lindy’s sprays and embossing powders.

Description of the Process:

The Background

  1. I started with spraying a sheet of paper with sprays: Green with Envy Green, Danny Zuko’s Denim and Cotton Candy Pink. I allowed it to dry, and then I cut it into two parts size of each approximately 11×22 cm. I used only one piece for the card.
  2. I proceeded with adding modeling paste through a stencil, and sprinkled wet paste with Carefree Verdigris  embossing powder from Metal Maniacs Chunky set. Afterward, I used a heat gun to dry the modeling paste and to melt the embossing powder.
  3. In my next step, I added stamping using different stamps with black ink pad and glued the background to the piece of cardstock.

Elements of the Card:

  1. The figurine of the lighthouse was made from clay using a mold. I colored it with a brush using sprays Danny Zuko’s Denim and Green with Envy Green. I allowed it to dry and then made some “shades” with a brush using Black Hole Black Magical mixed with some water.
  2. Next I added some white gesso and with this mixture I colored all the chip parts.
  3. I took pieces of paper, which were colored with different sprays (leftovers from my previous projects) and cut out the wings.
  4. I have embossed all the chip parts with Of Quartz It Is! embossing powder.
  5. I added some black color to the wings using Black Hole Black Magical mixed with water.
  6. I mixed Foxglove Fuchsia Magical from Mountain Meadows Flat Magical set with white gesso and added some touches to the lighthouse and the wings.
  7. Final touches were made with Poutine Gold Magical from Great White North Shimmer Magicals set mixed with some water.

You can find a video tutorial here:

And some close-ups as a little inspiration:

Products used:

Hope you liked it and thanks for watching!

Best wishes, Rita

Rita Rut

I am from Lithuania and I love colours.

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