Let it be – Paper Lattice Art Deco by Priss BlaFu

Hey there! I’m Priss, and in this video, we’re diving into the world of mixed media art to create a pretty Art Deco piece with a colorful paper lattice. This project is perfect for decorating a corner of your home or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

You can watch the video tutorial at the end.

Our creative adventure will use Lindy’s Sprays set called ‘Arctic Adventures’ which includes the colors Penguin Play Periwinkle, Narwhal Navy, Snowy Tundra Sunset, Blushing Polar Bear, and Iceberg Azure.

We need 120g A5-size bristol paper, clean water, flat brushes, and a picture frame (optional).

But first things first, it’s essential to shake those spray bottles well, always holding the top of the bottle vertically, moving the bottom of the bottle from side to side, never up and down. We want the pigment to blend perfectly for maximum shine and we don’t want any unwanted clogs in the mechanism.

Let’s start by lightly wetting our paper with water, either with an even spray or gently running a wet brush over it. This will help the paint flow smoothly as we apply it. Then, we will delicately brush the colors from side to side. Don’t worry if some areas end up with more pigment than others – it’s all part of the creative process.

Next, we’ll let our papers air-dry with a few splatters of the same color. If they’ve curled or wrinkled, no worries, we can fix that with a careful ironing session, making sure not to overdo it and ruin the masterpiece.

Now, it’s time to slice our colorful papers into half-inch strips. I’m using my deckle paper trimmer for this.

Arrange eight strips side by side, playing with the colors to your heart’s content. To keep them in place, secure the top and bottom ends – I like to use a bit of blue tack on each tip.

Carefully start weaving those strips together, one by one, once again, letting your creativity guide your color choices. We’ll need eight horizontal strips in total. Once the weave is complete, glue down those ends, making sure all the strips are aligned perfectly.

Now, carefully attach your paper lattice onto an 8×8-inch white cardstock for added stability and a clean background. I have cut my cardstock slightly larger for easier attachment, and once it is adhered to, I trim the excess edges to ensure a seamless finish.

As for displaying your masterpiece, I’m using a frame to protect it, but remember, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination soar!

In my artwork, I wanted to convey a message of hope and freedom. I’ve added the text ‘Let it Be’ and a whale. The whale represents us, while the intricate weave symbolizes life’s worries. The message here is to let go of those concerns and not let them weigh you down.

So there you have it! A beautiful decorative piece you can personalize to match your style and meaning. I hope you enjoy creating and sharing this work of art with your loved ones!

Now is the time to enjoy the Video of my process. 

It was a pleasure sharing my creative process with you today. Hope you like it and enjoy it!!

Until next time, happy creating time!

Hugs, Priss

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