Create your own art journal background with Asia Szczurowska

Hello everyone

Asia Szczurowska is here😊 I’m glad I can show you my butterfly art journal inspiration for Lindy’s Gang.

Recently, I have preferred flat projects like ATCs, cards and art journal pages. I like to share my projects to friends and I don’t have many place for works (I have the box in the storeroom for them) so this kind of project sounds perfect for me 😊

For this inspiration, I created an art journal page with a butterfly. Why butterfly? I created this page at the beginning of April, and it was cold outside. I miss spring, sun and butterflies and with this page, I wanted to call spring.

Basic steps:

  1. I stamped the butterfly twice: In an art journal book (with ink) and on watercolor paper. I covered the second butterfly with Angel Wings Jade Embossing Powder.
  2. I colored the second butterfly using magicals from Summer Break Shimmer Magicals (yep, I miss summer too:D). The color palette from this set is also great for spring projects.
  3. I colored the background using my favorite technique – watercolored magicals and a foil. I also created some textures using Angel Wings Jade Embossing Powder.
  4. When the second butterfly was dries I used Fairy Garden Green Glittery EP in the middle.



You can watch step by step video tutorial on YT (full version) and IG (short version).

Have a creative day,

Asia Szczurowska

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