Mixed Media Canvas “Soaring thoughts” by Marietta Tégi

Hello Everyone!

Today’s project is a floral creation I made on an inverted canvas. Because it’s summer, it still has a floral feel, shabby chic style.


I first primed with white gesso, then stenciled the edges of the frame with snow paste. I like using this because the paint colors show through and the surface is grainy so it stands out from anywhere.
I stenciled the inside of the canvas with light paste, on which I sprinkled Cafe au Lait embossing powder.

Of course, there was no shortage of crack paste, I put a little everywhere.

I covered the inside of the canvas with foil to separate the two parts designed for different shades. The brown – gold color combination should not include purple.

I chose a gold – brown color combination for the inside of the canvas, using the following products: Opal Sea Oats, Poutine Gold, Screamin’ Banshee Black, Rizzo’s Rowdy Red, Crumpet Crumbs Magical Shaker 2.0
The window mould elements and the bulbs were first Poutine Gold, and then Kissin’ Kenickie Coral with a little Screamin’ Banshee BlackBlazing Black mist was also added for a more characterful effect. In addition, Pineapple Paradise and London Summer Sage Magical Shaker 2.0 were I added as the final colour for the bulbs.
On the leaf mould elements as Sea mint Green and Green with Envy Green mist was placed.
I added Mintay chipboard elements, on which I sprayed  Opal Sea Oats, Kissin’ Kenickie Coral , Cocoa Bean Copper mists after white gesso, and then made it shinier with Cleopatra’s Copper embossing powder.
I used Fantasy dies leaf chipboards. on which I sprinkled Sea mint Green and Green with Envy Green mists and tiny Spring Leaf Chartreuse embossing powder.
I even used prima marketing flowers for the arrangement.
White gold wax was I applied to both the mould elements and the flowers.
After that, I only used two stamps and a bunch of grainy embellishments.
I promise to return to the steampunk style and rusty colors from September. 😀
You can find the tutorial here:

Have a nice day!

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