How to color HDFs using Lindy’s Magicals by Asia Szczurowska

Hi, Asia Szczurowska is here with another project using Lindy’s products. This time it isn’t an art journal page, but a 3D project.

I like autumn colors. In my country we have a saying “golden Polish autumn”. And such colors can be found here at the beginning of autumn.

Yellow, orange, red – all these colors can be found in juicy shades, sometimes interspersed with green.

I managed to get these colors using magicals. Their intensity is amazing, isn’t it?

Basic steps:

1. I covered all the elements with white gesso and also applied paper paste to the base.
2. I colored the paper paste using Don’t Overthink It Orange.
3. I covered the top layer of the base with two Magicals (Lizzy’s Cuppa’ Tea Teal  and Spill the Tea Teal).
4. I colored the small HDFs with several MAGICALS colors (Commit To It Teal, Lizzy’s Cuppa’ Tea Teal, Pemberley Pride Purple and  Have a Scone Heather)  . We wanted the individual layers to be distinguishable
5. Finally, I selected thematically matching stickers.

I have prepared a video tutorial for you in which you can see step by step how this project was created.

Have a creative day,


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