Postcard with black background and bright Starburst sprays from Lindy’s

Hi all! Today I am with you, Oleksandr Azarov, and I am very glad to meet you! Today we will create a card using a black base.  Some people think you can only use Lindy’s sprays on light-colored card, but today I will show you that they look just as beautiful on dark colors, even black!

I chose black cardboard with a slightly glossy surface and a slight pearlescent finish.

Using a stencil, I apply a white texture paste onto the base, which we will later paint with sprays.  This white stencil image will really show the contrast between the sprays on light colors and on dark colors and the final result will be so much more interesting.

I dry the texture paste well and begin applying sprays one by one. The first color in my selection is Sea Grass Green Shimmer Spray

After drying with a hairdryer, I add the next color Sassy Sapphire Shimmer Spray.

I repeat the drying step with the next color Time Travel Teal Shimmer Spray

Next I apply the color Peony Scarlet Red Shimmer Spray and dry it the same way.

And the last color Pretty in Pink Pink Shimmer Spray.

Next I took my favorite spray Creme Brulee Cream Shimmer Spray and added a splash to the background.


Using an embossing marker and gold powder Gimme Five Gold Detail EP added some sparkle to the background.

Also, using gold powder Gimme Five Gold Detail EP and a stamp, I made an inscription and cut it out.

Now I assemble the card using bulk tape.

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Transparent ink, stamps, voluminous adhesive tape, texture paste, stencil, embossing marker, black cardboard..


Thank you and see you soon!



Oleksandr Azarov

My name is Oleksandr. I live in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. I love scrapbooking and experiments)

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