Altered Tea Can by Rita Rut

Hello Gang!

Rita is here today and this time I decided to decorate a tea can.

Description of the process:

  1. I began with covering all the surface with white gesso and then I used soft matte gel for gluing fabric lace.
  2. I covered fabric lace with white gesso, wrapped the can with baker‘s twine and covered it with white gesso again.
  3. I added some modeling paste and crackle paste for additional texture. I allowed it to dry well.
  4. I started coloring with Open Arms Amethyst Spray in two layers mixing it with white gesso and allowing the can to dry.
  5. Afterwards I continued coloring with Spill the Tea Teal and Lizzy’s Cuppa’ Tea Teal Magical Shakers mixing them with water.
  6. When everything became dry, I sprayed all sides of the can with Fix Basic in order to fix all the previous coloring.
  7. I continued coloring with Pinkies Up Pink Magical Shaker and Black Hole Black (both of them were mixed with water).
  8. I used Chateau Rose and Raspberry Lemonade embossing powders in order to create some additional textures.
  9. I mixed Edelweiss Moss Green Magical with white gesso and made some brushes in order to reveal the textures and I used waxes for further reveal of textures.

You can find a video tutorial here:

And some close-ups as a little inspiration:


Lindy‘s Products:


Hope you liked it!

Best wishes, Rita


Rita Rut

I am from Lithuania and I love colours.

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