A bright postcard with shimmer without the use of sprays or magicals

Hi all! Today Oleksandr Azarov is with you and I will show you the process of creating a postcard. To make this card, I will not use sprays or magicks, but only different types and colors of embossing powders.

I will prepare a rectangle from black cardboard and choose the colors of the powders. And so in my selection:

I completely cover the entire surface of the rectangular blank with transparent embossing ink and sprinkle small areas with powder one at a time in random order, filling the entire surface. And now we bake everything with a hairdryer. I sprinkle each color of powder over a clean sheet and shake off the excess on it and move on to the next color in order to maintain the purity of the color in the jar.

This is what my base looks like and now I want to add some effects. Warming up the areas of the base with a hairdryer, I add a little white powder on top Wowzers White Detail EP literally a few grains at a time and bake everything again with a hairdryer.

I repeat the previous step only now with gold powder Gimme Five Gold Detail EP . You can add more of one color or another if you wish.

And on white cardboard, I cut out an island with fir trees and a circle – the moon. I completely cover it with white embossing powder Wowzers White Detail EP and as in the previous steps, I add a few pinches of gold powderGimme Five Gold Detail EP .

Now all that remains is to assemble the composition by gluing all the components onto the postcard base using bulk tape. And my card is ready.

To use different textures, you can use different embossing powders and mix them to get not only new colors and shades, but also fantastic textures. Mix and experiment!

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Thank you and see you soon!


Oleksandr Azarov

My name is Oleksandr. I live in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. I love scrapbooking and experiments)

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