Winter Canvas by Valeria Timonova

Hello to all Lindy’s enthusiasts. Today, it’s Valeria here with a new winter project and video tutorial. Do you love Christmas as much as I do? Beautiful winter evenings when it’s cold outside, but at home , there are loved ones. Christmas comedies and the smell of delicious hot ginger cookies? My canvas is dedicated to exactly that. And of course, to create this project, I was helped by Lindy’s sprays and magicals. After all, we have a huge selection of shades.

Basic Steps:

  1. Prime the canvas with a white gesso
  2. Texture paste is applied through a stencil. In my case, it’s a brick wall stencil and Christmas tree
  3. Apply the base color. In my case, for the brick wall, I used Clam Bake Beige, for the trees Whale Watch Blue, and I enhanced the lower part of the canvas with a dark shade of Dragonfly Denim and Narwhal Navy. We create a beautiful transition from the light top using Siderwalk Chalk to the darker bottom
  4. Paint the door and the iron lantern using magicals
  5. Cover the paper elements with Clearly Clear embossing powder . Then, apply texture paste white around the edges and a little bit of glitter.
  6. Prime your chipboard and color with Magicals and Sprays. To make a glossy effect finally cover it with Clearly Clear embossing powder.
  7. Add final touches for the background – stamping with waterproof ink
  8. Build up a composition, glue all the elements

Here is my video step-by-step – I hope you’ll enjoy it!

And some close-ups as a little inspiration

Lindy’s Products used:

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Mixed Media artist from the beautiful city Naples, Italy

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