Whimsical Autumn Trees – Playing with Magicals

Hello gang, Ericka here and today I was inspired to play with my Magicals to create an whimsical Autumn tree page. This is a new technique for me but I thought it would be fun to just play a bit with some watercolor paper and the gorgeous colors in the Autumn Leaves Shimmer Magicals.

1. On watercolor paper, using Magicals, start by loosely painting a hill along with various blobby tree shapes. Don’t worry if the magicals colors run into another color, just have fun creating fun shapes. Continue the process until you fill your page. You can watercolor the background on leave it white. Once they are dry, add pen details and various patterns.

I used: Autumn Leaves and mixed the colors in my pallet to create darker and lighter colors. I also used my paint pens to create various designs in my trees.


2. You can stop here if you like the look, but I decided to add some gold embossing in Gimme Five Gold along the bottom and top of my page. I used the Darkroom Door Abstract Stamps. I love the look of the shiny gold on the page!


I hope this inspired you to play with your Magicals in a new way. Don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy the process of colors mixing and making fun shapes.



Here is a quick video of my process. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week,


Ericka Strange

I'm a wife and mom who loves mixed media and designing cards! I love using colors and trying new products to create unique designs.

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