Author: Anastasia Korvyakova

How to imitate a metallic surface with Lindy’s Gang sprays

  Hi mixed media gang! Anastasia is here and this time I would like to show you my way of creating a surface that imitates a metal one. I have experimented with the copper surface, which I tried to make old and patinated, so I used brown, orange and blue colors.

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Creating your own unique colored paper with Lindy’s products

Hi Lindy’s fans! Anastasia is here and today I’d like to show you how you can create your own unique colored paper using Lindy’s Gang sprays and Magicals. You can use such paper for your albums, art journals, junk books etc. I have prepared a video tutorial in which I also show how I made […]

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Star Wolf – Mixed Media Panel by Anastasia Korvyakova

Hello everyone! It’s Anastasia here with you today with my new project and video tutorial. I worked with four amazing sprays that helped me get beautiful surfaces for backgrounds and decorative elements. Basic steps: 1. Apply a texture paste through two stencils 2. Color the background with Smoky Sapphire Vintage Spray 3. Add Mission Bells […]

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