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2015 Color Challenge Sets

January 2015 CC Sets
Sprays: Pop Rock Purple, Jazzy Jivin’ Purple, Tea Pot Purple, Cape Cod Coral, Don’t Eat Yellow Snow
Embossing Powders: Pop Rock Purple, Midnight Ruby, Angel Wings Mauve, Terra Cotta Plum, Magical Moon Pearls
February  2015 CC Sets
Sprays: Pretty in Pink Pink, Frozen Jack Frost, Bougainvillea Fuchsia, Caribbean Blue, Toto’s Tornado Black
Embossing Powder: Cosmic Pink Blue, Purely White, Razzleberry Plum, Hyancith Blue Green, Obviously Black
March  2015 CC Sets
Sprays: Frosbitten Fuchsia, A Bit o’Bubbly, C’est la vie Cerise, South Shore Sand, I’m Late, I’m Late Slate
Embossing Powder: Angel Wings Ruby, Angel Wings Gold, C’est la vie Cerise, Golden Angel Wings, Silver Moon Mistletoe
April 2015 CC Sets
Sprays: Pink Ladies Pink, Summer Lovin’ Sun, Magnolia Magenta Gold, Greased Lightnin’ Green, Tilt a Wheel Teal
Embossing Powder: Geranium Coral Blush, Aurora Amethyst, Sunset Yellow Orange, Oakleaf Olive, Tilt a Wheel Teal
May 2015 CC Sets
Sprays: Frenchy’s Pink Pouf, Silent Night Silver, Ocean Breeze Blue, Hydrangea Blue,Clam Bake Beige
Embossing Powder: Hollyhock Scarlet Plum, Silver Moon Turquoise, Morning Glory Azure, Hydrangea Blue Mauve, Golden Angel
June 2015 CC Set
Sprays: Pirate’s Plunder, Steel Shimmer, Shabby Turbine Teal, Cheshire Cat Cherry, Twinkling Tinsel
Embossing Powder: Smtarbright Green Gold, Queen Sheba Silver, Oakleaf Olive, Razzleberry Plum, Angel Wings Jade
July 2015 CC Set
Sprays: Blue Hawaiian Blue, Aloha Avocado, Peony Scarlet Red, Bonjour Butter, Dark Chocolate Truffle
Embossing Powders: Madonna Robe Blue, Orbit Olive Gold, Pumpkin Fiesta Orange, Bonjour Butter, Midnight Bronze
August 2015 CC Set
Sprays: Poinciana Red Flame, Luscious Lime, French Lilac, Rambling Rose, Caribbean Blue
Embossing Powder: Poinsettia Red, Ghouly Goblin Green, Venus Violet Blue, Geranium Coral, Hyacinth Blue Green.
September 2015 CC Set
Sprays: Marigold Orange Yellow, Tibetan Poppy Teal, Rudolph’s Nose Red, Edelweiss Moss Green, Glory of the Seas Gold
Embossing Powder: Scotch Broom Yellow Red, Midnight Teal, Candy Cane Red, Spring Leaf Chartreuse, Dandelion Yellow
October 2015 CC Set, (Drop Dead Diva)
Sprays: Bling-y Blonde, Hi Maintenance Magenta, Drop Dead Gorgeous Green, Prima Donna Purple, Sassy Sapphire
Embossing Powder: Bling-y Blonde, Hi Maintenance Magenta, Drop Dead Gorgeous Green, Prima Donna Purple, Sassy Sapphire
November 2015 CC Set
Sprays:  Golden Sleigh Bells, Greased Lightnin’ Green, Canna Lily Burnt Orange, Poincianna Red Flame, Bucket o’Blood Red
Embossing Powder: Scotch Broom Yellow, Oakleaf Olive, Kaiser Russet Red, Hollyberry Red Gold, Gilded Burgundy Brass
December 2015 CC Set
Sprays: Sidewalk Chalk, Cafe au Lait, Queen of Hearts Red, Cathedral Pines Olive, Bombshell Black
Embossing Powder: Purely White, Cafe au Lait, Candy Cane Red, Midnight Emerald, Bombshell Black


January…2016 Mad Hatter Mint ss-027 weeping willow ep-055
January…2016 Treasure Island Turq msm-23 twilight jade ep-040
January…2016 Open Arms Amethyst ss-084 midnight ruby ep-048
January…2016 Bodacious Blush ss-049 hibiscus rose orange ep-033
January…2016 Pearlescence glitz-06 purely white ep-086
February…2016 Luscious Lime ff-003 ghouly goblin green ep-013
February…2016 Delphinium Turquoise ss-069 morning glory azure ep-026
February…2016 Hottie Patottie ss-080 poppin’ pink ep-089
February…2016 Jazzy Jivin’ ss-073 royal burgundy blue ep-073
February…2016 Tears on My Pillow   ff-020 kaiser russet red ep-046
March….2016 Crème Brulee ss-046 angel wings gold ep-006
March….2016 Baby Blue Eyes ss-061 madonna robe blue ep-007
March….2016 Plumeria Pink ff-008 cosmic pink blue ep-041
March….2016 Sandra Dee Sepia ff-019 midnight bronze ep-044
March….2016 Time Travel Teal ss-019 midnight teal ep-005
April….2016 Cheshire Cat Cherry ss-025 razzleberry plum ep-058
April….2016 Mango Mania ff-004 desert moon copper teal ep-009
April….2016 Frenchy’s Pink Pouf ff-011 hollyhock scarlet plum ep-057
April….2016 Merry-go-round ff-033 merry-go-round ep-080
April….2016 Cotton Candy Pink ss-044 hibiscus rose orange ep-033
May….2016 French Lilac ss-071 venus violet blue ep-037
May….2016 Pineapple Paradise   ff-005 sunset yellow orange ep-036
May….2016 Bells of Ireland ss-040 ghouly goblin green ep-013
May….2016 TiffanyLou Blue ss-048 tilt-a-wheel teal ep-084
May….2016 Tea Pot Purple ss-028 angel wings mauve ep-043
June….2016 Frenchy’s Pink Pouf ff-011 pop rock purple ep-082
June….2016 Kissin’ Kenickie Coral ff-012 geranium coral ep-027
June….2016 Summer Lovin’ Sun ff-013 bonjour butter ep-075
June….2016 T-bird Turquoise ff-014 dm turquoise ep-045
June….2016 Pink Ladies Pink ff-015 cosmic pink blue ep-041
July….2016 Bachelor Button Blue   39 Hydrangea Blue Mauve   47
July….2016 Bells of Ireland ss-040 ghouly goblin green ep-013
July….2016 Mission Bells Brown 41 Adobe Fire ep-38
July….2016 peony scarlet ss-042 pumpkin fiesta 39
July….2016 Yellow Rose of Texas ss-043 sunset yellow orange ep-036
August….2016 caribbean blue ff-01 lapis lazuli ep-070
August….2016 hibiscus rose ff-002 poppin’ pink ep-089
August….2016 luscious lime ff=003 ghouly goblin green ep-013
August….2016 mango mania ff-004 jack o’lantern orange ep-015
August….2016 pineapple paradise ff-005 luminous lemon ep-088
September….2016 danny zuko’s denim 16 hyacinth blue green 19
September….2016 greased lightnin’ green ff-17 oakleaf olive ep-020
September….2016 rizzo’s rowdy red   ff-18 Candy Cane Red Gold 60
September….2016 Sandra Dee Sepia ff-019 midnight bronze ep-044
September….2016 Tears on My Pillow   ff-020 kaiser russet red ep-046
October….2016 Opal Sea Oats 32 Café au Lait ep-076
October….2016 black orchid silver 63 queen of sheba ep-018
October….2016 canna lily burnt orange ss-54 Cleopatra’s Copper ep-004
October….2016 Cajun Carnelian ss-065 Byzantine Bronze ep-016
October….2016 Bombshell Black ss-91 Obviously Black ep-087
November….2016 T-bird Turquoise ff=-014 weeping willow ep-055
November….2016 Sassy Sapphire ss-090 Sassy Sapphire ep-095
November….2016 Jack in the Pulpit Teal ss-072 dm turquoise ep-45
November….2016 Cocoa Bean Copper ss-068 Midnight Copper ep-002
November….2016 Midnight Rendezvous ss-052 midnight pewter ep-014
December….2016 Rudolph’s Nose Red ss-20 Scotch Broom Yellow ep-025
December….2016 Golden Sleigh Bells ss-21 Silver Moon Turquoise ep-024
December….2016 Silent Night Silver ss-22 Bougainvillea Red Teal ep-023
December….2016 Frosty Forest Green ss-22 Fiddlehead Fern Green ep-022
December….2016 Frolic in the Forest Green ss-23 Midnight Gold ep-021
January…2017 Brushed Nickel glitz-02 silver moon mistletoe ep-056
January…2017 Gag Me With A Spoon Gray ss-051 queen of sheba ep-018
January…2017 Screamin’ Banshee Black ss-013 twilight blue slate ep-011
January…2017 Down the Rabbit Hole ss-026 café au lait ep-076
January…2017 Pirate’s Plunder msm-19 starbright gold green ep-029
February…2017 frozen jack frost ss-59 magic moon pearls ep-050
February…2017 salt water taffy ss-036 hibiscus rose orange ep-033
February…2017 queen of hearts ff-028 cuckoo clock cardinal ep-102
February…2017 autumn maple crim. Ss-001 terra cotta rust ep-001
February…2017 dark chocolate truffle ss-047 midnight bronze ep-044
March….2017 cosmopolitan pink ss-008 stardust candy rose ep-008
March….2017 cape cod coral ss-034 terra cotta plum ep-031
March….2017 kissin’ kenickie coral ff-012 geranium coral blush ep-027
March….2017 merci beaucoup mint ff-034 merci beaucoup mint ep-079
March….2017 clam back beige ss-036 golden angel wings ep-032
April….2017 sidewalk chalk ff-043 purely white ep-086
April….2017 rusty lantern lime ss-016 oakleaf olive ep-020
April….2017 blue hawaiian ss-007 madonna robe blue ep-007
April….2017 hydrangea blue ff-055 bavarian blue ep-108
April….2017 raspberry lemonade ff-033 raspberry lemonade ep-083
May….2017 crème brulee cream ss-046 angel wings gold ep-006
May….2017 sea grass green ss-037 orbit olive green ep-034
May….2017 pop rock purple ff-037 pop rock purple ep-082
May….2017 midnight rendezvous ss-052 midnight pewter ep-014
May….2017 tilt a wheel teal ff-039 tilt a wheel teal ep-084
June….2017 south shore sand ff-010 starbright gold green ep-029
June….2017 pegleg pete msm-17 angel wings mauve ep-043
June….2017 bonjour butter ff-030 bonjour butter ep-075
June….2017 peony scarlet ss-042 geranium coral blush ep-027
June….2017 shabby turbine teal ss-017 desert moon turq ep-045


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  1. The sets are available for a limited time each month. After their pertinent month is over, they are no longer available, but you can buy the colors individually.

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