Relax and make ATC Coins with Nuneka

Hi crafty people!! Here I go again with another relaxing live stream class, something easy, fun and that you can swap with your friends. I decided to make some ATC Coins with very few supplies to show you you don’t need too many things to create something beautiful. This live class on Lindy’s YouTube channel […]

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Mixed Media Tag with Nuneka

Hi crafty people! It’s Nuneka here with a beautiful and easy project for you. I was thinking that sometimes we just want to do something small and simple, something to have a good time playing with our favorite colors and minimum supplies. And yeah! That’s what I’m going to do on my live stream on […]

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Everything about Lindy’s Embossing Powder with Nuneka

Hi crafty people! This is Nuneka and today I want to shed light on the different kinds of Lindy’s Embossing Powders. If you ever tried any of them, you already know they’re truly special, completely different to any other embossing powder in the market. But why? What does it make them so special? Well… I […]

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