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1.  Remove sprayer & tap out any extra powder in tube

2.  Fill to fill line, (on label), with warm water.  Stir.


4.  Replace sprayer. Stir, swirl, shake & spray to your heart’s content.

TIPS: Quick, rapid pushing on the sprayer will give more of a fine mist.  Slower, more firm pushing on the sprayer will give more splatters and texture.  Our sprayers are not just another boring fine mist sprayer, they were chosen by Lindy to have a little “splatter” when they sprayed because she loved texture! So experiment and see what great things you can create. (If you need the even coverage of a fine mist sprayer, we recommend you either over spray and wipe away the excess with a paper towel.)

When filling your Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starbursts, Moon Shadows or Glitz Spritzes, make sure you use warm water, (not too hot). We recommend filtered water, if you have it, though tap water will work fine, (if you know your water is full of minerals or chemicals, we would highly recommend using filtered water just to make sure it doesn’t react with the colors). Make sure to fill your bottle to the top of the label, shake & let sit for at least 10 minutes. Then you are ready to go!

It’s best to use FILTERED water with the stains to make sure the daubers stay unclogged and issue free! For either the Old Hairy or Old Baldy.

Our embossing powders have the addition of micas that sometimes like to “halo” on the paper. A few tricks to help prevent this:

  • 1. Make sure the card stock/paper you use has a flat coating, (rather than the more fibrous finish).
  • 2. Wipe your surface with a dryer sheet (bounce, etc) before stamping.
  • 3. Use a dusting cloth (like swifter) after you emboss & the embossing powder has cooled
  • All of our base embossing powder is from Ranger, Inc so we are at the mercy of their formula. Their darker colored embossing powder has gotten finer over the years, which has added to the “halo” effect, especially on lighter colored card stock/paper.

Our sprayers are guaranteed non-clogging, so if you are having issues, try these tricks:

  • 1.  Clear the tube (toothpicks work great)
  • 2.  Cut off a bit of the end of the tube (the “bad” ones weren’t cut exactly the right length) & you can even heat the tube up with a heat gun & give the tube a bit of a bend
  • 3. If that doesn’t do it, stomp up & down & email us because you got a REALLY stubborn one!

So, if you have ANY problems after trying the tricks… from leaking, to sprayers not depressing correctly, to sprayers not spraying, etc., please, please, please email us( and we will replace any defective sprayer at no charge!  We stand by our products and want our customers to be fully satisfied, so please let us know, we really do want to hear from you!


How to Set up your Sprays for the first time: Click here


YouTube Channel:




Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you or answer any questions.  We love our customers at Lindy’s!  We pride ourselves on quick shipping with a smile, great products at a great price, and treating our customers like we’d like to be treated!!  

29 thoughts on “Tips & Info

  1. First time using these magical powders and I love them! But, how DO I get them off my hands??? Help please…

  2. Where can I buy these??? I’m completely confused as to where theres no links to the places to get them or an order form?

  3. I could have sworn I saw a tutorial demonstrating the use of VersaMark Ink and the Magicals applied on top — does one exist or am I crazy?

  4. Hi! Love Lindy’s products. Was wondering, would it work to add a little Magicals powder to my Flat Fabio sprays? Thanks!

  5. Hello! I am curious as to how many of you store your sprays? I am trying to organize my scrap area and would like to store them upright for sure. Could some of you share some ideas or pics? Thanks in advance!

  6. I have just emptied my sprayer and was wondering if there is a way to refill it without purchasing a whole new bottle. Seems a shame to just throw the sprayer and bottle away. Can we order just the powder or ? Give me some ideas here on what to do :0)

  7. I just saw a youtube video featuring your products. They look fantastic! Could I use your sprays colors as a base and paint a design over it in oil paint? Or would acrylic work better for that? I have no familiarity regarding what these are made from to know if this would work.

  8. Use artist grade watercolour paper
    Hot pressed is smooth cold pressed is textured
    I use 140 lb
    Crafting card stock should never be used with water based mediums as it will always warp and degrade
    The paper
    And Tim Holtz water coulor paper is NOT artist grade

  9. Best thing to use is artist grade paper such as 140lb
    Hot press or cold press watercolour paper hot pressed is smooth cold pressed is textured
    Card stock is not designed for use with water based mediums at all this is why it warps!

  10. We’d recommend you use watercolor paper or any porous paper to absorb the color. Thicker paper is always better to use to avoid warping, and to start out, try any of our spray sets. No need to worry much about a shelf life, just store your sprays in a well ventilated area, that’s not too hot, or too cold and you should have your sprays for a very long time. Hope this helps! if you have any other questions, you can email me at

  11. Being new to the craft and absolutely loving what I see here I was wondering if the sprays have a “shelf” life of any kind, and what weight of paper is the best to use. What products do you recommend to use when first starting…questions, questions, questions :0)

  12. Can Starburst sprays be mixed/activated with alcohol instead of water? I’m asking because I would like my project to be less wet from the spray.

  13. Hi! I used a starburst spray and even after letting it dry for a couple of hours, the powder on top comes off easily when I touch it. Is this normal? If not, is there anything I can do to keep the powder on? Thank you!

  14. Thank you Sharon! That did the trick! I was just being too wimpy and worried about wrecking it!

  15. Hi there! You should be able to get the lid off the top by applying a little bit of pressure on the tube towards the top almost next to where the cap is. The top should come right off without ruining the container 🙂

  16. Hi! I just received my first set of magicals and I can’t seem to get the top off of the outer packaging.
    Is there a trick to this without ruining the container? Sorry for being so “lame”.

  17. Hi there! Thanks for your comment! Painting and spraying with Starbursts will give you a different look, as the mica in the product will spread differently with the different methods of application.

  18. I am wondering why my two metal embellishments look different. I used gesso on both. Then painted one with paint I sprayed onto my craft mat and sprayed the other directly from the bottle. The first has a solid coating on the piece but the second looks splotchy and cracked. They both looked the same when wet. I used Flat Fabio Wicked Witch Purple on the top and Love at First Sight Lavender on the bottom. I was curious to see how the paints reacted differently between the Flat Fabio and the Starburst on metal embellishments. I wasn’t expecting so much difference in the end look just from the application method.

  19. Another trick to keep paper from curling is to heat set the bottom of the paper, then a bit on the top. Works for me !

  20. No, it shouldn’t be. Just make sure you let them sit a bit longer & really stir them up before you use them. It’s the fixative we put in them that likes to dissolve it hot water, but it can be persuaded to dissolve in cooler temperatures if you are patient.

  21. I am totally WOWED by your products! I just found you by accident, and believe me.. I only get a payday once a month, but I know where I’M shopping…Can I MOVE IN? Hugs from Ohio..Patti

  22. OMG I just found out about your product from Amy on Prairie Paper & Ink. I’m in love. I’m a water colorist and your sprays and Fabio’s are so impressive.
    Thank you so much for a great site!!

  23. Hi Tanya, thanks for your message. If you use a thicker paper, or even watercolor paper, it will not curl. If you want to continue using the AC cardstock, just place books on top of the paper over night, that should help flatten the paper out. 🙂

  24. Hi there
    Please help!!! I want to create a nice background for a scrapbook page and have sprayed the different colours onto a cream American Crafts cardstock drying in between each colour. But my paper “warps” what am I to do? If you have any tips or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated thank you regards Tanya The Scrap Boutique Umtentweni Port Shepstone KZN South Africa

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