Five Easy Mixed Media Gift Cards by Maria Lillepruun

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This is Maria Lillepruun with you today on the Lindy’s Blog a new tutorial on how I made 5 different gift card holders for a professional photographer to give or sell to her clients. These holders are meant to keep the photography session gift cards.

According to the photographer´s wish, all the card holders are in different style. However, I used the same mixed media “algorithm” on all of them. It is pretty easy. Take a look!

Basic Process

  1. First, I applied some transparent gesso or acrylic medium over the cardstock base. I used black cardstock for three, and white cardstock for two card holders. Then I also glued some strips of handmade paper on the bases with the same medium.
  2. After the bases are dry, I applied some texture paste onto the cardstock, using stencils. Any texture paste would do. I intentionally chose 5 different pastes for my cards: a black one, a dark graphite one, a white paste with sand, a white crackle paste and a 3D gel with golden glitter. When applied, I dried them all thoroughly.
  3. Then the real fun started! I sprayed all the bases with the Lindy´s Starburst, Moon Shadow and Flat Fabio sprays. I picked 2-3 colors for each card. Please see the list of used products underneath all the pictures in this blog post!
  4. While the card holders were druing, I picked some chipboards and cover them with various embossing powders (Purely White, Midnight Emerald, Midnight Copper). I picked the powder shades in accordance to the planned designs, of course.
  5. Later, I combined all chosen decorations on the cards, and glued them on. I used mainly embossed chipboards, but also some metal embellishments, some glass pebbles, rhinestones, flowers and a little glitter.
  6. Then, I sprinkled the embellishments and the backgrounds with exact same sprays that I used before decorating the card holders. The sprays made the embellishments blend better with the background, and enhanced the colors, especially on the black backgrounds.
  7. As a final touch, I added some wax retouches and some white gesso splatter here and there. And that´s all!

Now let me show you all five gift card holders closer:

Gift card holder no. 1

Gift card holder no. 2

Gift card holder no. 3

Gift card holder no. 4

Gift card holder no. 5

Lindy’s Products

Other Products:

  • Black and white cardstock, handmade paper, transparent gesso/acrylic medium (ScrapEgo), five stencils (all A. B. Studio), black texture paste (Stamperia), graphite paste and white crackle paste (ScrapEgo), white sand paste and 3D golden gel (Fabrika Decoru), contact glue, chipboards (Wycinanka, Family Scrap, ScrapBox, ), flowers (Prima Marketing Inc and handmade), ribbons, rhinestones, microbeads, glitter, glass pebbles, waxes and heavy gesso white (Prima Marketing Inc).

Thank you for your attention!


Maria Lillepruun

Mixed media artist, crafter, scrapbooker & educator based in Estonia. Web: YouTube: Maria Lillepruun Instagram: @magic_attic_maria Facebook: Magic Attic Design

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