Creating a Color Mixing Wheel with Lindy’s and Asia

Hello crafty people! Today something new, for those of you who are dreaming about Lindy’s Gang products but are on a budget, but also for those, who just want to play with the colors you have and create the hues you did not expect to get. It’s a fun exercise to understand how the colors work together, what kind of new hues you can create.  BUT most importantly today I’m going to show you how to mix all these Lindy’s colors together without making muddy colors.

Do not feel overwhelmed, it really is a simple exercise which I learnt not too long ago and which helped me a lot in creating my projects and simply having fun. You can easily create with Lindy’s Gang products different color wheels, mixing up sprays, Squirts, Magicals and getting gorgeous results- with shimmer, without shimmer (flat) or both at once.

There is a video tutorial for which you can find a link below. The process is sped up sometimes, otherwise, it would be too long, but I encourage you to create along with me and pause the video if you need to. I have created 3 different color wheels so you can get familiar with the process and most importantly see the different results.

So let’s start with a basic process

  1. Draw color wheel – first draw the circle, divide it in a four equal parts, then divide each part into another 2 parts, creating this way pie of 12 parts (like a clock). Use the ruler to add lines joining each parts together and at the end of each line add a small circle.
  2. Take 3 primary colors (they don’t have to be exactly in hues of magenta, cyan and yellow (the basic primary colors), but it’s enough if they are similar. For that purpose I used 3 sets of 3 colors to create 3 different wheels.
    For the first one I used Flat Fabio- Summer Lovin’ Sun, Magical- Hydrangea Blue and Magical Shaker- Cuckoo Clock Cardinal.
    For the second wheel I used only Squirts: Poutine Gold, Banff Blue and Oh Canada Crimson.
    And finally for the third one only Flat Magicals: Bonjour Butter, Ocean Breeze Blue and Queen of Hearts Red;
    Once again- you need only 3 primary colors, I only used so many just to show you different effects you can achieve with different products.
  3. Start by adding the colors on your palette in the way that they don’t mix with each other and start creating your circle. Start working from the top circle, adding red to it, then count 3 circles away and add yellow. Count another 3 circles away adding blue. You have your 3 primary colors on the wheel;
  4. Creating secondary colors- that simply means mixing the primary ones together. So mix red and yellow on the palette to get orange ( use the scrap paper to see if the color is good, than put it in the wheel exactly in the middle circle between these two colors. Mix yellow and blue to create green, add it to the circle halfway between these two colors. The last secondary color will happen when you mix blue and red together and you will create purple; Again add it half-way between the two primary colors;
  5. Tertiary colors- you will create them by mixing colors which are directly beside the empty circles, so, for example, primary blue and secondary green will give you turquoise; Fill with it the empty circle between these two colors and continue the same way until all of your circles are filled up;
  6. Tip- if you need darker colors, you can simply create them by mixing colors that are opposite to each other: primary red and secondary green will give you more values. If you add more green, place the color below the green circle, then add to it more red and place this color on the red side and so on and so forth.

Here is the link to my step-by-step video:

Once again, try before you think this is too difficult and you’ll be surprised at what can you create! Keep in mind that will so few colors you can participle already in Lindy’s monthly challenges, not to mention that you will learn basics of the color wheel. Good luck!

Here are some still shots of wheels I created and the comparison between them. As you can see you can really get all the colors you want, but depending on the primary you used, they will differ and that’s what I love the most!

Lindy’s products

1st wheel:

2nd wheel:

3rd wheel:


Please share your color wheels in Lindy’s Creative Gang group, we really would like to see your takes on that!

Have a crafty day!



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