Lindy’s Educators

Hello Lindy’s fans! We are very happy to introduce our Ambassadors and Educators to you so you get to know them a bit more!

Our Master Educators

Natalie May – Australia

Biography –
Hi there. My name is Natalie May.
I’m lucky enough to be a full-time paper crafter and I couldn’t be happier! I’m happily married to the awesome Clever Trevor & have a beautiful teenage girl child!
I teach around 15 classes a month in Australia and absolutely LOVE what I do – turning my hobby into my job & passion.
I’m the Australian Master Educator for Lindy’s Gang, I design stamps, stencils, dies and paper for Paper Rose, I’ve worked for numerous Australian & International Companies, I’m an Intermediate Certified Copic Designer and love everything inky & colour based.
One of the things that keeps me inspired and teaching is that I love to create in all styles.
As much as this industry likes to ‘Pigeon Hole’ people, I am a versatile artist – I regularly teach & create not only scrapbooking layouts but also Cards, Mixed Media Layouts, Paper-based Layouts, Art Journaling, Abstract Canvas Art, plus paint pouring and whatever else I can come up with.

I love this industry … the opportunity to teach a new technique…. Meeting so many amazing people…..and to be able to CREATE every day is quite a blessing.
You can view more of my work at … and find me on Instagram under happydaks and Facebook as well.

Class Details –

*** I usually only update on FB & my blog

Upcoming Class Schedule –

September 14 Natalie May Scrapbooking Art Journal Class & Card Class
September 17 Natalie May Scrapbooking Art Journal Class

Email for more class information – or look me up on Facebook or my blog

Phoebe Tonosaki – Japan

Biography –
My name is Phoebe Tonosaki, I was born in Hong Kong, and moved to Japan as I married a Japanese man in 2004.  I live in a very small and distanced town 2 and half hours away from Capital Tokyo, life here is depressingly bored until I found mixed media and then Lindy’s!!

I love anything purple and steampunk! I am also a hopeless collector of stamps (especially roller stamps!!), sequins, glitter, lace, yarn, washi, paper, flowers (artificial or real or paper or metal!) and Winnie Pooh!
My biggest passion is altered arts; one of my turning points in 2018 was the altered glove project that literally brought me into the Lindy’s DT team. That moment made me determined to do as much altered arts as my heart desires and thank you for the great support of Lindy’s, I am having so much fun with that decision!

I am a FULL and FULL Lindy’s Spray girl! My goal for 2019 is to get the rest of Lindy’s Sprays that I do not have right now: D I aim to succeed! The reasons why I LOVE sprays so much is that, first, Lindy’s Sprays has the best colors AND shimmer that any sparkle girls can ask for! Also, it has such a wide color range to choose from and the fun when you start mixing each of them is unlimited!

Thank you for the big chance and support Lindy’s has been giving me for the past year, I now teach average 1 to 1.5 Mixed Media classes per month. Mainly at the biggest craft store in Japan “East Side Tokyo” , and requested workshops in other major cities in Japan. I also do Online Class in both Japanese and English version. Mixed Media is still not very popular or well known here in Japan, but we have a huge population of scrappers who are getting more and more interested to mixed media style scrapbooking or paperwork using mixed media techniques. A high percentage of my students are widely popular domestic scrapbooking instructors or teachers of regular home crafting classes. I am beyond excited for the adventure about to come in 2019 and the new plans I have in store!!

皆さま、今年もLindy’sと共に素敵な作品とアイデアをご提供していきたいです。Lindy’sの商品についてはもちろん、ミクストメディアについてご質問等あればぜひぜひご遠慮なくご連絡くださいませ♪ こんなものを作ってほしい等のリクエストがあればなんでも承ります(出来る範囲で)ぜひとも宜しくお願い致します。

Class Details –

Upcoming Class Schedule –
*End July: Altered anchor Online Class with Squirts
*September: Mixed Media Classes Special Event at far west of Japan, Shimonoseki

Yulianna Efremova – Russia

Biography –
I have a degree in design profession (exterior, interior, landscape design, decorator) and I’ve been involved in scrapbooking since 2008.  I live in St. Petersburg and love the work that I do.
Party «Scrap Party»
More than 300 talented people in all corners of the world.
I participate as a speaker in creative webinars and enjoy developing innovative master-classes (mixed media, decor, cooking), several of them authoring techniques in the style of Mixed-media.
In 2016, my work was in the exhibition “Weihnachten in Jedes Haus” Switzerland
It is nice to receive messages, letters, and feedback on the work I create and see great results.
My dream is to create a worldwide popular art product.
My passion is for discovering hidden talents in people.

Online masterclasses every Saturday and Sunday every week.

Scrap Party: first group – October 25-27,

Second group – November 1-3

Our Educators

Olga Bielska – Poland

Biography –
My name’s Olga Bielska. I’m from Poland.
I’m an optimist and I can’t imagine living without creating!
I discovered mixed media five years ago and it’s a way of life for me. I am a big fan of mixed media with lots of texture, stamping and colors. I love mixed media because it gives a huge amount of creating opportunities.
I  like to create various projects ranging from cards, home decor, tags, layouts, scrapbook pages as well as art journaling.  I’m free to create depending on my mood and feelings.
I love Lindy’s products because they are awesome, magical, colorful, simply the finest <3

Class Details – 

Upcoming Class Schedule –
Below there are pre-planned workshops
August – workshops mixed media layout and Facebook Live mixed media card
September – altered art workshops

Kerry Fellowes – Australia

Biography –
Hi. My name is Kerry and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I have been crafting for about 10 years and I love all forms of art and mixed media. I own and operate a small online craft store with my sister and we design and manufacture chipboard, stencils and digital designs. I fell in love with Lindy’s about 5 years ago and they have been incorporated in almost all of my art ever since and I am thrilled to be able to offer Lindy’s products to the Australian crafters through my online store.
I like to share my love of craft and have a youtube channel offering tutorials and hope to inspire you to discover your creative passion too. You can find all my latest videos and keep up to date with me on Facebook here:

Maria Claudia Pompilla – Lima

Biography –
Hello everyone !! I’m Maria Claudia Pompilla but everyone calls me Noura which is my nickname, I’m originally from Perú. I live in the capital Lima with my little family, my husband and my daughter. I discovered the mixed media scrap world when I left work to dedicate full time to being a mother, I enjoy creating and it has become my work and passion. I love textures, intense colors and every once and a while a little bit of shabby and vintage
Upcoming Class –
Paper flowers with lindys
Textures and backgrounds
Altered Book
Mixed Media album

Cindy Wille – the Netherlands

Biography –
Hi! My name is Cindy, I’m a 30-something Mixed Media Artist from the Netherlands. I live in a small town in the center of our tiny country ❤️ together with my boyfriend, our Bull Terrier and pet bird. I mostly teach classes at home in Ermelo and at a craft store in Rijssen. I love to create altered art and mixed media canvas.
You can find any info about upcoming classes on my website or visit my Facebook Page at I also create an occasional online class, be sure to visit my website to learn more about these fun (English spoken 😄) classes.