Resist Technique with Embossing Powders and Moon Shadow Mists with Asia

Hello, Lindy’s lovers:) Today I’d like to remind you of a very effective technique, resist with embossing powders. There are so many variants of this technique, I chose resist with golden embossing powder and Moon Shadows.  I absolutely love Moon Shadows, not only because of their magical name (totally love the name!) but also because of their surprising color mix. They have a brown base with the addition of a shimmer! And that’s what I love!

To make my project, which, not surprisingly, is another journal page (I know, I know, me and my art journaling and ATC…next time I’ll try to come up with a layout maybe), I’ve chosen beautiful embossing powder, whiteish but with a golden shine. I think the Moon Shadows Mists and this particular EP are complementing each other perfectly! Here is my step-by-step tutorial and a link to video process below.

Basic Process

Start by priming the page with clear gesso (I have few tips for you which I came up with by trial and error:

  1. If you have thin pages in your art journal, glue few of them together with double sided tape, no warping!
  2. Spread your gesso onto the page with a plastic card, like an old credit card for even coverage.
  3. To avoid static on your page while embossing, make your own embossing antistatic “device”- use a cotton cloth and fill it up with baby powder/ talc:)

After drying the gesso I added stamping and embossed it with Angel Wings Gold embossing powder – this is what creates the resist efect.

Once all the images were dry, I sprayed some water onto the page and sprayed all three colors of Moon Shadows Mists I wanted brown, green and violet colors, so I used: Tawny Turquoise, Violaceous Violet & Pegleg Pete Purple. I sprayed them all one after another and then dried them all together, repeating the process few times.

Just remember with sprays in general, especially two-toned sprays like Moon Shadows or Starbursts, you really need to shake the bottle well before using it. There should be no sparkle left at the bottom of the bottle if properly mixed. You can even tap it a few times on the palm of your hand or use some kind of clean, plastic stick to reach the bottom and mix the sprays properly. This is really important with Moon Shadows as if you don’t do it well, you will spray only brown colored ink on your page!
As always if there is an excess of paint, remove it with a tissue – this makes the embossed image stand out better.

When the sprays are dry, I dab baby wipes over the embossed image to clean up any spray residue.

I also added some stamping with Distress Oxide ink and Jet black Archival ink.

And did some image transfer with metal flakes.

The next step was to work a little on my embellishments. I used triangle chipboard and embossed it with two EP: Midnight Teal & Midnight Violet. I did, what I call layered embossing, which basically means I mixed both embossing powders together by applying them unevenly on the surface. I am so sorry that on the pictures you can’t really see the real shine of it!

Then I added some lovely splatter with Lindy’s Flat Fabio Sidewalk Chalk.

After adding all my embellishments, I decided to add even more splatter (please, don’t judge me, I love the splatter so much!), with two Starbursts sprays that complement the shimmery colors from Moon Shadows: Green With Envy Green & Tea Pot Purple.

This is my finished project.

If you would like to see the video process, here is the link.

Lindy’s Products

Other products:

  • Finnabair- Clear Gesso, Clear Crackle Texture Paste
  • Distress Oxides- Walnut Stain & Wilted Violet
  • All & Create stamp #29, Snip-Art- triangle chipboard, Tacky Glue, WOW! embossing pad, 7 Dots STudio word stickers, collection Paint Chips, Jet Black Archival Ink, Pentart- Metal Flakes, Tim Holts- Paper Dolls, Watercolor stencils- browns

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy crafting!



3 thoughts on “Resist Technique with Embossing Powders and Moon Shadow Mists with Asia

  1. Lol, Jessica, I was and still am like you- want to buy everything there is in a crafty world:) Thank you so much for your lovely comments and I hope you’ll get yourself Lindy’s EP quite soon! They are magical to work with, especially the two-tones ones:) xoxo

  2. Beautiful work and awesome technique!!! Thank you for sharing Asia 😊 I have just recently joined the crafting community and therefore have yet to obtain embossing powders to heat emboss! YOU make me wanna rush out and get some, for sure! Baby steps, baby steps 👶 👠 😍😍😍

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