Mixed media ATC by Maria Lillepruun

Hello, dear Lindy’s Gang friends!

We are in the middle of winter, but I already long for Spring! So I have made a set of joyful Spring mixed media ATC that I called “Tea Party”. I am in love with Lindy´s Gang sprays! You can use them for so many purposes. I used them here to create a colorful background, to color the chipboard and to retouch the decorations after they had all been assembled on the cards.


Here is the video tutorial

Basic Process

  1. First, I primed the cardstock with white gesso, so it created a perfect background for the transparent rice paper. I then glued the latter onto the cardstock, using 3D Gloss Gel and a little water. Basically, you can do it with any other decoupage medium, PVA or matte varnish. It is important to apply your medium both under and on top of the rice paper to seal it.
  2. Then, I applied so white gesso here and there on to the surface, and took out my Lindy´s sprays! I colored my cards partly with cheerful Summer Lovin’ Sun, Peony Scarlet Red and Bells of Ireland Green Shimmer Spray
  3. I used the same sprays to color my chipboards and sealed them over with the embossing powder called Spring Leaf Chartreuse.
  4. After that, I arranged my tiny compositions on the cards, combining bunny stickers (first glued to the cardstock), chipboard, flowers, die cuts, other embellishments in layers. After I was happy with the composition, I glued all to the surface using contact glue and hot melt glue.
  5. When the decorations were attached, I used the same Summer Lovin’ Sun flat spray to add some sunshine to the decorations, combining them with the background.
  6. Final step – the sequins and large glitter! I attached them all using a transparent crackle varnish, but any glossy medium will do this job as well.

ATCs close-ups


Lindy’s Products

Other Products

  • Cardstock, Heavy Gesso White, 3D Gloss Gel (both by Prima Marketing Inc), rice paper (Stamperia), chipboard (Lavandovyj Komod), embossing dabber (Ranger), handmade flower (Freetany Flowers), bunny stickers (Daphne´s Diary), berries, die cuts, transparent crackle varnish (Scrap Ego), sequins, glitter (unbranded).

Thank you, dear friends!



Maria Lillepruun

Mixed media artist, crafter, scrapbooker & educator based in Estonia. Web: www.MagicAtticDesign.com YouTube: Maria Lillepruun Instagram: @magic_attic_maria Facebook: Magic Attic Design

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