Ocean Fluid Art with Lindy’s Squirts-Viktoriya P.

Hi, my dear friends! Viktoriya Porechnaya with you today and it’s time for color experiments! I like to see fluid art pictures – it’s clear inspiration and freedom! So I would like to try this art with our great Lindy’s Squirts! Just look this amazing result!

I have video tutorial of how I make this amazing blue ocean

I used Pouring Medium and mixed it with Squirts to making fluid paints

Some acrylic paints -white and gold metallic- add new textures and accents to ocean waves. And Glittering Gold Shaker is also great to use.

You can make waves to flow by moving the paint with a hairdryer, to create your own ocean-calm or stormy ocean.

I think this art is a great way of relaxion and color therapy. I hope you will try it and you will like it!

Lindy’s Products:

Other products:

  • Pouring Medium
  • Acrylic paints-White, Gold Metallic

Thanks for your attention!

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