Multi-colored Flower

Happy Sunday! This is Jo and I’m going to show you step by step how to create this multi-colored flower. The photo above was taken in natural light and the shimmer just pops.
The three colors that I used are:

Starburst – Fuzzy Navel Peach
Flat Fabio – Plumeria Pink
Starburst – Ramblin’ Rose Pink

I start off with this white paper flower and had separated the leaves that came with it.

I took my first color, Ramblin’ Rose Pink, and sprayed it in the center of the flower. It’s okay if it gets on other parts of the petals.

My second color is the Fuzzy Navel Peach. This was sprayed around the center, trying to avoid the first color sprayed.

The last color, Plumeria Pink, I sprayed on the outer edges of the flower. This particular spray is a Flat Fabio, which contains no shimmer. The previous sprays are Starbursts and they are full of shimmer and I didn’t want to add too much. GASP!! Did I just say that? LOL

I just repeated all three colors again to saturate the flower. I love how these sprays blend so well together when they overlap each other. You can see that the shimmer from the Starburst sprays settled in the grooves on the petals. 

I took my heat gun and dried the flower. I also wanted to spray the leaves that I initially separated from the flower. They were already a green color but I wanted the color to be intense and have shimmer. The color I used was Starburst – Ponderosa Pines Olive.
I glued the leaves back underneath the flower and I’m done. I just love how each color adds dimension to the flower. I hope you liked my little tutorial for you guys.
Thanks for stopping by and if you haven’t tried this yet, you should. The color combos are endless. It was really fun and the flower came out beautiful. All Lindy’s Stamp Gang products/links are listed below. Have a great day!

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Products (links provided):
Flat Fabio Plumeria Pink
Starburst Fuzzy Navel Peach
Starburst Ramblin’ Rose Pink
Starburst Ponderosa Pines Olive
Other Supplies:
I Am Roses Flower (R50)

4 thoughts on “Multi-colored Flower

  1. I have only heard about Lindy's Stamp Gang in the last month or so, and I love your products! One of the first things I did was to try spraying white flowers. I did the same thing as you did, and sprayed a few of them with more than one color. I love the effect, and am so glad to see this tutorial. Your colors on this one are beautiful!

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