Jester Mixed Media Box by Yulianna Efremova

Hello! Yulianna Efremova here and I’m going to show you how to decorate a mixed media box with Jester using some-thing embellishments and Starburst Sprays from Lindy’s.  I’ll walk you through how to create this step by step.

Altered box

I used four colors of Starbursts: Freaky Franken’ LimeMarigold Yellow Orange, Voodoo Violet Blue, Red Hot Poker Orange, Screamin’ Banshee Black. Flat Fabio: Blazing Black to create my mixed media box with Jester.

Steps for Creating your own Mixed Media Box

Add the chipboard, Jester, plastic embellishments, key with wings, ribbon, and bells.

Add art stones and I cover the box with white gesso.

I sprayed Freaky Franken’ Lime around the key, Marigold Yellow Orange on Jester, Voodoo Violet Blue around the edge, Red Hot Poker Orange on the key, Screamin’ Banshee Black on the sides of the box.

Cover the Jester, balls and stars with Alcohol ink.

I used  Blazing Black to create the shadows.

And the box is done.

So you can see exactly what to do, I have filmed a video showing how you can make this step-by-step, you can watch it below or on the Lindy’s YouTube Channel.

Lindy’s Products:

Other Products:  White Gesso, Art Stones by Prima, Chipboard, Plastic Embellishments

I hope you have enjoyed this unique mixed media canvas.


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