Mixed Media Art Journal “Doors” with Yulianna Efremova

Hello Gang! Yulianna Efremova here and I’m so excited to be with you this year as a Lindy’s Ambassador.  For this month’s project I’m going to show you how to make Art Journal page titled “Doors” that I’ve colored with Starburst Sprays and Magical Powders from Lindy’s.

I wanted to make it easy for you to make something like this yourself, so I’ve filmed a video so you can see just what to do to make these beautiful pages for yourself.


  1. Glue the door and the bandage with PVA glue
  2. Add paste paste through a stencil
  3. Cover the doors with crackle glaze
  4. Spray the art journal with Lindy’s sprays
  5. Mix Acrylic Glazing Liquid with magical powder and put on the page edges, then wipe off excess with a rag
  6. Add another color of the magical powder (green) I applied at the bottom of the doors,then wipe off excess
  7. Add ink to darken the edge of the art journal and the edge of the door
  8. Create a shadow around the doors with help Stamper’s Big Brush Pen
  9. Stick on the inscriptions with a hot glue gun
  10. I cut open the doors so I could open them
  11. Paste on scotch tape and pieces of paper to finish

I’ve used Starbursts: Marigold Yellow Orange, Hottie Patottie Hot Pink, Cattail Copper Brown, and Magical Powders: Hi Maintenance Magenta, Bells of Ireland Green to create my mixed media art journal.  You could create a similar page with your favorite colors.

Lindy’s Products

Other Products:

  • Scotch tape, Glue, Scrapbooking Paper, Textured Paste, Bandage, Acrylic Glazing Liquid by Golden, PVA Glue, Stencil, Cracle Glaze by DecoArt, Dye Ink Pad, Stamper’s Big Brush Pen.

I hope you have enjoyed this Art Journal.

5 thoughts on “Mixed Media Art Journal “Doors” with Yulianna Efremova

  1. Can’t wait to see video and possibly give this a go, looks amazing as always Yulianna xo

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