Colorful Steampunk with Nuneka and Lindy’s Magicals

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Nuneka here with an Art Journal page created again with my favorite Magical colors. I know, I know… why again the same color palette? Well, what I like the most about Magicals is that the final results are always different, and that’s what I try to show you here: how using the same color, the results won’t be identical. You may know that Lindy’s Magicals have a dominant color and some tiny particles of other colors. There are a few of them where this is really significant, for example, Midnight Rendezvous or Sea Grass Green; when you sprinkle the powders and spray a little water on them, all the magic comes out and incredible colors appear.

So if you like that surprising and magical effect in your projects, you need to be open. In this case, Midnight Rendezvous gave me more purple and blue tones, instead of dark gray and that is because more of those particles were in my project and I didn’t blend them with the rest. And same happened with Sea Green Grass, this time I didn’t have so many orange and yellow particles, it all became more military green, which was great because it added depth to the art journal page.

Of course, not all Magicals are like this. Some others have very defined colors, and those are the ones I like to add where I want an extra colorful touch. Tainted Love Teal has an incredible teal tone, very pure and intense; Sweet Violet Purple Teal is a powerful magenta-purple shade, and Opal Sea Oats is the most amazing copper you’ve ever seen. So when I sprayed water over the Magicals and all the colors appear I enjoyed that moment and then dried the page before adding more powders, because it’s not until the color is dry that you can have some perspective and see what else the project needs. Then I added more teal, purple and copper, just a tiny bit here and there to add punch.

To color the chipboards I used Moon Shadow Mist spray Violaceous Violet. I love how these vintage sprays give a brown sepia tone, with shimmery touches of intense colors. And I’ll tell you my secret here: when covering the chipboards with gesso or acrylic paint so seal them, I leave tiny areas without covering. This way, when I apply the Moon Shadow Mist, all the chipboard becomes grown except those tiny areas, where the spray is absorbed by the chipboard and the mica (which is that different color) stays on the surface creating a fantastic effect.

You can watch the full tutorial on Lindy’s YouTube channel:

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  • canvas pad, clear gesso, black and brown ink pad, texture paste, chipboards, glue, glitter, stencil, stamps, eyelets, black thread


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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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