Let’s Decorate a Mirror with Mixed media and Inspiration from Laura

Let’s give life to an ugly piece of furniture and change the decoration of our house a bit!

They gave me a mirror that was horrible, so I made some molds to bring it to life and change the color… I leave you the information about everything I have used and the beautiful Lindy’s Sprays that I like so much.

Lindy’s Products

Other products

  • Cold Porcelain, Biscuit, Acrilex – Porcelana fría
  • Molds, Prima Marqueting INC – Moldes
  • Colla Extra Forte, Stamperia – Cola
  • Mechanicals, Mini stars, Finnabair – Piezas metálicas
  • Texture past crackle, Distress – Pasta de textura craquelada
  • Crackle paint clear, Rock Candy, Distress – Craquelador transparente
  • Wax matte, Charcoal Black, Finnabair – Cera mate
  • Acrylic Paint, Paint dabber, Perl metallic, Ranger – Pintura acrílica


The first thing we have to do is cover the parts that we do not want to be stained.

  • Then we will give two coats of primer or gesso.
  • We will make the molds and still wet we will glue them to give the same shape of the furniture and they are well glued, we can put other decorations like mechanicals.
  • Once dry we will give another layer or two of gesso.

Now we can spray our favorite Lindy’s, combine the colors that you like the most, let it dry and spray again to give intensity to the color.

Keep in mind that applying the primer or gesso coat to the base changes the color and intensity of the Lindy’s. That is why you have to go layering until you find the desired color, and keep in mind that when it dries the tone changes, but the beauty of sprays is that such magnificent shine, it makes me fall in love.

  • You can give wax to intensify and mattify the color
  • And to finish a bit of white with the dry brush technique to give light to the work

I hope you enjoy my video

I hope you like it a lot and it inspires you!💕

Let’s color life!


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