Let’s dye our fabrics!

Today we are going to see a way to dye our fabrics to give life to our works. It’s not just dying, it’s doing magic with our lindys!

We need cotton fabrics, lace, silk ribbons, bows… the bits you have on the table. Brushes, water, and some container to be able to mix the pigments,  and your favorite Lindy’s!

In the video, you can see how to dye fabrics, personalize them with your favorite colors and prepare the decorations. And in the photos, you have an idea of ​​an album decorated with these fabrics.

  1. Make an original and different spine to bind the fabrics
  2. Use them as a background to customize the cover
  3. you can put fabric under the photos or match with paper
  4. Decorate with gauze, lace and everything we have dyed
  5. Enjoy the process and if you don’t want multicolored hands, use gloves!

I hope you enjoy my video

The colors I have used are:



I hope you like it a lot and it inspires you!

Let’s color life!

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