Stunning quick and easy project!

Hello everyone!
It’s Marta Lapkowska here ! It’s always such a pleasure to be back to you!
Today I would love to show you that projects that look complicated can actually be quick and easy!
I will walk you through the steps:

Choose a color scheme & grab embellishments.I started by building some texture on my background. I used some modeling paste and masking tape.  Then I used some embossing powders to alter my chipboard; Luminous Lemon and Purely White from the Neon Graffiti embossing powder set.
My next step was to color my tag. I used the Neon Graffiti spray set:  Luminous Lemon, Sidewalk Chalk, Urban Amethyst, Blazing Black, Poppin’ Pink.



By spraying in some spots, and letting it drip in others, I created a very interesting background.  Then I placed my embellishments on the tag and VOILA!  You’ve got a project that looks like it’s taken a lot more time to create than it does.

I hope I inspired you to create some tags!  Especially with my new favorite set: Neon Graffiti Mega!

Love, Marta Lapkowska

5 thoughts on “Stunning quick and easy project!

  1. You have made it look so easy to create but I never get such cool effect by spraying ..I loved the gorgeous tag n colors too !

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