Quick Cards using Molding Paste with Natalie May

I love a quick and easy card …especially a card that I can create multiples of in different colors and with different finishes!

This set of three cards took me under an hour to make and I’m thinking they look pretty great!

Here are a few simple steps for you to try at home…

The wet Magicals seep between the molding paste patterns giving you heaps of variation!

Quick Tips …

  • Ensure the molding paste is 100% dry before starting
  • You don’t need much color from the Magical Shakers to make up a great wash
  • Use a water spray to wet your surface before adding color to help the color flow
  • Dry with a heat tool between color layers for a cool effect
  • Remember to start with the lightest color first


I love that the color is sitting and pooling around the molding paste creating a fab layer of color!


Lindys Products:


That’s it from me today … have fun creating up a storm!


Natalie May


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