Embossed Paper Embellishments Tutorial


Hello friends! It’s Marta Turska – Grochocka here today.

I would like to show you my two ways to make some interesting paper embellishments by yourself, you can use it to decorate cards or layouts! You can create layers with these elements to give some extra 3D looks to your projects.

All you need is:

  • a stamp (we need a silhouette stamp or a stamp you can easily cut out of the background), I’ve used a foam flower stamp;
  • or a stencil – we need a stencil with pattern easy to cut out again – I’ve used some leaves and flowers;
  • embossing ink;
  • embossing powders – I’ve used Candy Cane Red, Geranium Coral Blush and Oakleaf Olive powders;
  • light paste.


It’s really easy technique, you just need to:

  • cover the stamp with embossing ink, place it on the paper and cover stamped pattern with embossing powder, heat it and later on, you just need to cut it out.


Or, you can apply light paste through the stencil, cover the pattern with embossing powder, heat it – and again, cut it out.


I’ve left some white edges around each shape, flowers and twigs. You can cover them with ink, to create a vintage look to your embellishments.


I’ve filmed a video tutorial for you as well, to show you the technique step by step.




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It’s easy way to create your own paper embellishments, shiny and nice 🙂 You can try it at home!


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