Tea Time Frame with DIY Gold and Copper Glitter

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It’s Sivan here today with home decor project using DIY custom glitter.  Let me show you how to make a frame inspired by “Tea Time” and the gold and copper colors I’ve found useful in several variations in a lot of projects.


Sometimes it seems to me that the world is divided into people who drink coffee and people who drink tea, I’m a tea person. 🙂

It gives me the feeling of home and warmth and I even enjoy watching how the tea paints the water.  I’m just a color lover in every way!

Lindy’s has an amazing metallic effect in some of the shimmer colors, which is why I used the spray Cowabunga Copper & Opal Sea oats in different ways, to get the amazing effects you see in this project!!

One way, was on a flower stamp and when it dried out the result was very similar to Rose Gold Foil!!

Another beautiful way, is to create glittering colors with these sprays.  I’ll show you how in the video.


  1. Prepare a base for the frame by stamping with a spray and stamp
  2. Paint the frame
  3. Attach collage elements
  4. Add glitters painted with the same color sprays
  5. Finish with white Gesso

Full tutorial on my video:



  • Flowers: 49 and market
  • Mediums: White Gesso, 3D matte gel, Soft matte gel


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