Freedom Canvas with Pascale

Freedom by Pascale B.

Hello Sweeties,

Today I’m up on Lindy’s Gang with a canvas featuring the amazing Lindy’s Squirts: the new concept from Lindy’s gang that is available right now. If you haven’t had a chance to play with them yet, you really should as they are just amazing!

Freedom by Pascale B.

Basic Process 

  1. Cut a heart from cardboard and glue wings on both sides
  2. Cover the heart with modeling paste. Dry until the paste is dry to touch but still soft, then press a stamp into it to leave a print.
  3. Prime the heart and the wings with white gesso.
  4. While it dries, paint the background with Loonie Toonie Teal and Hockey Puck Black squirts.
  5. Add a thin layer of white crackle paste here and there.

    Freedom by Pascale B.

  6. Color the heart with Polite People Purple squirts and the wings with Antique Gold magical.

    Freedom by Pascale B.

  7. Add a design to the background with a stencil and white crackle paste.
  8. Mix Antique Gold magical with 3D gloss gel and add a design on a clear acrylic tag with the mixture and a stencil.
  9. Color die cut leaves with Loonie Toonie Teal and Hockey Puck Black. Sprinkle with Desert Moon embossing powder while they are still wet. Emboss.

    Freedom by Pascale B.

  10. Color die cut wildflowers with Polite People Purple and Antique Gold. Sprinkle with Imperial Crown Purple Gold embossing powder. Emboss.

    Freedom by Pascale B.

  11. Glue down all the embellishments.
  12. Color binding ribbon. Add more color to the wings with the Loonie Toonie Teal.

    Freedom by Pascale B.

  13. Add some random stamping;
  14. Add some mica flakes and microbeads to finish.

I hope you enjoy the video tutorial I have made for you all.

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