Sea Canvas by Elena Martynova

Hello my dear friends!  I’m so happy to be here sharing my new project on the Lindy’s blog with you.

It’s sad that I didn’t go to the sea this year, although we are having such a warm autumn that it is still possible :))) Nevertheless, to make the dream come true, it is necessary to constantly visualize it, therefore, my new work is a canvas with a piece of the seabed covered with shells, algae and various treasures. The water is transparent and the sun’s rays are breaking through it, very beautifully illuminating all the secrets of the sea.
Do you almost feel like you are there?


Please watch my video tutorial and I hope you’ll feel inspired!

Basic Process

  1. Add texture paste to pre-gessoed canvas
  2. Add white gesso to chipboard words then cover with 3 colors of embossing powder
  3. Add color to cheesecloth with spray
  4. Add embellishments to canvas
  5. Cover some embellishments in white gesso
  6. Spray canvas and embellishments in Lindy’s sprays adding water to make colors lighter
  7. Add darker spray colors using a brush
  8. Add final embellishments and finish with metallic wax paste

I coated the chipboard with three different Lindy’s powders to create interesting color transitions. I used: Midnight Teal EP, Guten Tag Teal EP, Merci Beaucoup Mint EP – it almost looks like it’s underwater!



Incandescent Copper Vintage Spray added realism to my algae made from cheesecloth.   And so you can see how beautiful it looks, here are some close-ups:


And the effect of sun glare was obtained with the help of Golden Doubloons Vintage Spray and Medieval Gold Glitz Spritz





Lindy’s Products

Other products

  • Clear Medium, white crackle paste, white gesso, 2Crafty chipboard, art stones, glitter.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Happy and Fun Summer!


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