Create Marine Style Hanger Tag using Squirts with Olga Ravenskaya

Hi gorgeous Lindy’s friends!

It’s Olga Ravenskaya here and I’m so excited to share with you my project featuring the amazing Squirts – the brand new Lindy’s product.

I’ve created a sea-themed tag on the MDF base. It’s rather big, has a knob, so it will be used as a wall hanger for the keys or something like that in a marine-style room of my nephew.

It was my first experience with Squirts and I’m absolutely in love with these babies! I’ll show you today a few ways of using them and you can see different effects I’ve got.

I’ve used 4 beautiful colors – Loonie Toonie Teal, Banff Blue, Poutine Gold and Canadian Bacon Blush.

To start, I covered the tag base, frames and chippies with white gesso.

To create a texture I applied here and there white sand paste mixed with mini art stones.

Then I continued with Squirts. I took three colors, Loonie Toonie Teal, Banff Blue and Canadian Bacon Blush and poured them on the surface just from the bottles.

They have a rather heavy consistency, so they don’t mix with each other completely, but beautifully get in touch on the edges as on the photo below.

I also added new Glittering Gold Shaker – sprinkled it over the surface. Look closer at this effect – the particles of powder dissolved partially and look like golden micro grains.

Let it dry in a natural way and you will get a beautiful result – amazing shades of colors on different textures!

Then I made my own colorful paste – I mixed white modeling paste with Loonie Toonie Teal and Canadian Bacon Blush Squirts.

You will be surprised like me because the Squirts don’t dilute your paste!

I  applied two different patterns through the stencils on the tag and add some paste to the frames.

I wanted to make the background more golden and shiny so I took a thin brush and carefully painted all the surface with Poutine Gold Squirt. 
And finally, to make it softer I went over with white gesso using a wide brush.

This way I got very colorful, shiny and at the same time soft and tender background. Look below how beautiful it is!
As for chippies I painted them with Squirts using thin brushes and mixing colors.

Look how beautifully  Loonie Toonie Teal, Banff Blue and Poutine Gold Squirts are together!

Next step I glued on branches and a knob and made a mixture of soft gloss gel, three colors of Squirts and mini art stones.

And covered the branches, frames and knob with the gel and stones.

Look closer at the painted frames – such a mixture looks like colorful transparent texture paste.

Well, all my preparations are finished and it’s time to build up a composition and glue down all the embellishments!

As a final step, I added textured accents with a mix of Poutine Gold Squirt, soft gloss gel and art stones of different sizes.


Some close-ups as a little inspiration.

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  • Ranger Texture Paste, Finnabair Soft Gloss Gel and Sand Paste, Liquitex White Gesso, Ciao Bella Papers, Scrapiniec chipboard, Prima Marketing flowers, Finnabair art stones, lace.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post and it will be useful!

Happy painting with gorgeous Squirts!




Mixed media artist and educator from the beautiful city Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Totally addicted to the colorful world of Lindy's. YouTube: Olga Ravenskaya/Instagram: @olga.ravenskaya

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